A Peeve of mine


Does anyone else get annoyed when clients that you’ve talked to ahead of time just puts ‘u already know’ ‘a.d.’ and so on in the required info for the order? I don’t actually enjoy having to scroll through what could be dozens of messages to find a small piece of information, or when the client has forgotten a tidbit they requested or mistyped themselves over the pre-order discussion and are all ‘why did you add that?’.
Not to mention both myself and clients have found if you don’t watch it very closely, sometimes messages sent don’t go through.
Why is this just so hard for people to do???


Because to you the client can be a ONE OF MANY individual, however, to the client you are the ONLY individual, that he is dealing with. So it’s a natural habit for the person to assume you KNOW what he/she is talking about, without realizing that you are in conversing with a multitude of people.

At the end of conversation, remind them politely to please RE: them in the order requirements page.

Then also set up your requirements where you remind them AGAIN, that even though y’all may have discussed, please RE: the requirements to expedite the process.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

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I have clients who do that, but what you have to remember is that many of them are placing their orders on the Fiverr app (which is aggressively pushed to buyers who visit the website on mobile), and for such buyers it’s a huge pain to copy/paste large chunks of text when using a phone or tablet. The Fiverr app in particular doesn’t allow for easy copy/paste, so as frustrating as this is for you, it’s frustrating for them, too.