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A person is getting sellers to do CPCs

So today i received a message from the person user name : money_mans
This person is getting sellers to do CPCs for him.

According to my knowledge he is doing this with many sellers.
This should not be tolerated and the user should be banned from fiverr doing so.

Most people would fall for this and click on his link
but i did not click on it however i told him that i did just to confirm if this is what i was guessing.

******************** [links removed by Moderator]

The links may even be phishing links so beware before clicking anything.

I got the same message. It’s actually quite a clever way of getting free traffic to your website when you think about it. In this case, you at least have to admire the spammers who seem clever enough to get immediate returns on wasting other people’s time.

Do you mean Pay Per Click, PPCs?