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A person is threating me that he place order and give 1 star review and bad comment, if i didnt create his logo for free

a person is threatening me that he place an order and give a 1-star review and bad comment if I didn’t create his logo for free, he was cool at first then I asked to place the order so we can proceed he says he will see the sample first I said I will cancel the order if you were not satisfied, then thing changed he start threatening me and I reported him with the option to block the user from interacting with me but he started his messages through a custom order request after few requests and threats suddenly he started messages again I don’t know how but he was unblocked and know I can’t block him anymore, I reported the whole story to Fiverr and also send the screenshots as well, I have shared the screenshots with guys here to check, the direct block option is not available on the desktop version I tried from the mobile app and the result is shown in the screenshot attached, please guide what to do in this situation the custom reply isn’t expected in 48 hours!


You just cancel and block him, pretty easy.

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Take a deep breath, no need to panic at this time, if you’ve already contacted CS. This buyer is breaking the ToS, and major kudos to you for saying ‘no’ and meaning it.

I’ve heard that blocking works better from the app, but don’t know if that’s verified.

To upload an image here in the forum, just drag and drop it in the message box. (Be sure to hide your buyer’s username first, as showing that is against the forum rules, and you will be flagged if you don’t.)

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Thank you for your supportive response, i will re attach the screenshots after hiding the username of buyer

yes i did but you see the screen shot it didn’t worked

Hey welcome!
I would like to share with you a tactical move for the future.
Next time if you sense some red-flag-buyer, just provide them with an awful looking sample (MS Paint stuff). They will not hit the order button. At least there is a very good chance that they will not buy from you. :laughing:

lol great idea but he can see my portfolio, this man literally wanted his work done in 2 hours without paying me

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Of course he can see your portfolio, but people tend to save the worst thing instead of the good thing in life. Try it, I hope it will be useful someday (I’m sure it will).
We designer should be also creative in solving problems like this.
Wish you all the best :smiley: :v: :+1:

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