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A personal savings on the making! by holding your revenue for a year


I just started FIVERR mid year of 2012, and i’m trying to get hold of my revenue for a year and see how much would i make.

I might say

> 'A personal savings on the making'.
You could try it too?!

Thanks a lot FIVERR


coolio! sure a thing this would be a mind blowing idea for those who just started like me…

having lots of patience and determination, at the end of the day you’ll see the a positive result.



wish u the very best


I am saving up to buy a house in 2013 (we lost our home in 2009) anyhow I don’t leave my revenue in the fiverr account(I wthdraw once a month) but then I put my earnings in a money market account. The revenue I am saving will help pay insepction fees and closing costs for our new home in 2013


I think you should withdraw regularly and put it in a saving account (Atleast you get interest on it then :)).


Well it’s better you withdraw periodically and save them yourself in a bank…may be a fixed deposit like…


hmmmmn… so interesting. thanks a lot for all your feedback, i should try it then… or , we’ll see where FIVERR could bring us fortune! :smiley:


I should have keep it the way it was… that’s my target to keep on track for a year and let see how much will it bring me fortune… :smiley: thanks for your suggestion guys! ;:wink:


Reply to @marlou: Now, if you’re talking about savings, I suggest accruing interest too.


spot on! exactly! i’m really into saving and why not accruing interest?! i Agree with you @hotwebideas and to others as well… :smiley:

Good man!