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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


Yes, that is the bitter feeling that should be avoided at all costs. We should be proud of being a part of this, not feeling betrayed.


Juan - I agree with you that Sellers with whatever accomplishments should feel proud. They grew their business and that’s one awesome aspect. The feeling of betrayal is that after doing best, the rules change and now you get penalized for that best. One TRS I know has over 10,000 productions but now no one will know that. Many buyers don’t take time to read the FAQ’s so why take the time to hoover over an icon. Fiverr refuses to provide proper on-boarding so Buyers, with good intentions, do bad things.


The buying process should be intuitive and informative. If I enter a restaurant located in a busy street and I found it almost empty in a peak hour, I immediately get suspicious and think it lacks customers for a reason. Almost certainly, I will get out there and look for another restaurant. I do not check the reasons behind the emptiness, or any explanation. I just choose another one.

I don’t expect buyers hover over the stars, nor enter the gigs to check lifetime ratings. That simply won’t happen.


amazing explanation. It is time to give up the fiverr and build your personal brand because your personal brand never destroy.


absolutely right…i think i am the one who is badly effected from the new model i have 5star rating profile with complete more than 50 orders just one oder is cancelled and all my imp and view drops i haven’t any new order after that…very bad:face_with_thermometer:


Thank you for posting your article. I have been on this platform since 2014, worked extremely hard for my level 2 status and it was taken away from me because of one $5 mutual cancellation which was no fault of mine and I have been severely punished since. I am a professional in my field with over 30 years but as a freelancer on this platform you have no right and I have noticed that if you question the negative impact you are further punished. This is really not the platform that I joined in 2014. I hope that management will really take note of your article.


No , i don’t Think So , Fiverr is the best to start anyone , and earn quite , Never stop and never give up .


Coming from me it might not mean much but Fiverr has really shot itself in the foot with this new update. Plus, all thse ambigious rules about asking clients to leave reviews isn’t helping anybody, especially not Fiverr as a platform.


Maybe. Fiverr destroy my 6 years career. Fiverr did not listen my point it is buyer base platform.


You’re right. Shut up.

That was a joke! Of course, your opinion matters. You are a dedicated, accomplished seller, who contributes to the Fiverr community and is highly respected by everyone. I personally would like to steal your Amazon gig and may very well try too. You are that much of an inspiration.

Now, stop putting yourself down.

I think the silver bullet is in the fact that many people are quickly realizing that Fiverr looks like a cheap clone of itself. If I was the dev who came up with the latest UI change, I’d probably not dare show up at my desk on Monday.


I think Fiverr has shot himself in the head. I am afraid that we all have to be ready for a major traffic decrease, and that means less orders. Perhaps sellers with a solid base of returning buyers won’t see an instant drop, but it will slowly decrease as well. But oh well, as I am a huge fan of Star Trek, let me say: torpedo incoming, prepare for impact!


I feel like you’re me, just Spanish.

My personal opinion is that there has been an unexplained surge in Chroniton particles at Fiverr HQ. This is leading Fiverr devs to start experiencing time in reverse, thereby taking Fiverr back in time by devolving Fiverr as a result.

In either case, resistance to new changes is futile. This is why today I’m in warp 9.96 non-Fiverr marketing mode. :wink:


So would anyone with real authority see this? Do they even care? Is there a seller community manager who sends our pleas to them? Is there ?


In Space No One Can Hear Your Scream.

Now in Fiverr HQ screens…



The Chroniton particles have rejuvenated me also! I am 2 years younger by now:

But the fun isn’t over yet… the five stars icons are gone, now we have only 1 star and numbers… that means something?:


I just saw this. It is just horrendous.

I also just noticed that Wyclef Jean has been kind enough to hand pick a lot of Pro music gigs (most without reviews) as his best recommended for Fiverr buyers.

Next us writers will have J.K. Rowling dragged in to say: "I’ve worked with absolutely none of these people. Nor do I know any of them. Trust me, though. You’re definitely making a safe buying choice when you buy from people priced at $100 - $1,000 recommended by me personally."

Anyway, I’m setting up shop on a brand new Fiverr clone today and pulling out all my marketing phasers. Once that is done, I’m rebooting a couple of other platforms I haven’t used in years and uploading a library of new samples to my main Pro writing platform. - They do translation to :wink: but I’m afraid I can’t mention it’s name here.

Then I’ll be indulging in a quiet night in with Seven and Janeway. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just realized why Fiverr might have done this. Now if you have poor feedback, it’s not even noticeable.


No more visibly low stars, just a number. It’s like Fiverr is doing everything it can to reinvent basic consumer behavioral psychology to give itself an edge.


You know what annoys me the most? I have never to this day seen an ad for Fiverr anywhere. On the other hand, whenever I open any site I see ads from 3 different freelancing sites.


Same. I think Fiverr has a bit of an ego and thinks it doesn’t need to advertise. This might have been justified in the past. However, with Pro, it is Fiverr not getting the blooming message out and just hoping it will pick up, that is resulting in the quagmire we have today.


All the stuff going on with Fiverr is really having toll on me, It’s been one thing after another these past few months.


Thank you for the suggestion. Just checked mine and 3 of my gigs show the rating for 60 days, but two of them show all of them. I am 100% sure of this because on one of them I haven’t had a sale for about 6 months I think.


Scratch that. I see the lifetime feedbacks when I view it, but when I click on it it shows ZERO!!!