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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


Me too. I didn’t want to be thinking about Fiverr right now. I wanted to work as normal until October, then fly away and be happy with a considerable drop in earnings thereafter due to vacation mode and loss of all my local business. Now Fiverr is grinding to a halt and it’s not even worth trying to find a work around.

Just do what I’m doing. Most of us are now newbies on Fiverr and now always will be. In this case, be a newbie somewhere else and only deal with Fiverr if and when orders come in. You can’t do anything else anyway. Facebook, Linkedin, and Reddit banning Fiverr links pretty much makes everything but paid marketing useless. (Not that I would ever recommend what most people consider SM marketing.)


Yes, it’s been linked to staff. Hope they will take some of the feedback into consideration.


Interesting insight, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope that Fiverr sees this message and integrates some of it into their business plan.


I just saw an ad for fiverr on YouTube last night, a brief video. It displayed a gig I had been looking at and said something like “looking for this?” and then the big fiverr logo.

I think it’s cool that they can tell what gig I was looking at and put it as the first thing you see in a video. It came as a jolt to see that.


Which, again, lower the overall quality perception of the entire marketplace, which, again, don’t benefit even pro gigs, despite their supposed boost.

I wonder… Fiverr, how about adding around 100 fake reviews to pro gigs? Will be that the next step?

Anyways, as now we are in a 2 old months Fiverr clone, as you said, this marketplace lost the appealing to business grade, professional players.

BUT, I hope things comes to normal when someone at HQ looks at this mess closely (if it ever happens, who knows).


With things as they are, Fiverr is going to have to start taking hostages to make people go Pro. Either that or start sacrificing other sellers to the god of e-commerce. Oh. Wait a minute…


Well, a ray of hope! Let’s see how management handle this, the future of the platform (and company) are in their hands, and I think this is a nice opportunity to show their skills.


There is an underlying challenge to all businesses: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Each one of us face unknown challenges daily. How we handle those challenges is what truly makes us outstanding. Allow me to use baseball as an example. We all want the straight pitch, down the middle and smack, we hit it out of the park. However, we all experience curve balls, sliders and the change-up. Normally we expect those from the Buyers and not Team Management. However, when it happens, we all must adjust, rise to the challenge and overcome the ‘unknown’.

Just remember Juan, Hope is not a strategy. Develop a plan that may or may not include Fiverr to achieve your plans and goals. Chaos always brings opportunity. Just ask any politician.


That’s kinda invasive lol! I prefer some privacy!


I totally agree. If I were Fiverr employee, I would give all my heart to resolve this, even if this situation does not belong to my responsabilities or department, but you know, some dinners and beers works magic :slight_smile:

But, I am not. So, yes, hope is a bad advisor in business, and I am thinking all the possibilities. Fiverr out of my business life? Well, nothing new, but I really hate to drop something I have been into for 2 years.


I don’t tell people I work on Fiverr anymore. I just tell them that for the past 5 years I’ve built up a good base of clients. Yes, the first year I made little money. Now, I’m making enough money to cover my expenses and life. I won’t recommend people buy on Fiverr anymore. I’ve seen the bad Fiverr reviews online. It’s embarrassing.


And we are losing the trust we built over the years due to this now!


That’s Google (and YouTube) who is doing it, not Fiverr.


I hope this message get to fiverr’s decision makers and I hope they think deep on the overall effects of these changes on the sellers, buyers, and ultimately on the platform.
Taking sellers/buyers opinions into careful consideration on sensitive issues like these, would help the platform and may restore the confidence of some sellers who had already lost their confidence in the fiverr team. I believe the fiverr management is working hard to get the brand to, and keep it at the very top position of digital marketworld, yet giving a listening ear to users’ opinion may help them from taking the wrong steps in their quest to the top.

My message to all sellers, already affected (negatively) by these changes; don’t give up yet on fiverr, keep pushing. Change is constant, a change in the right direction would come soon.



Feedback is a invaluable tool nowadays, every company has to place strong communications channels between their customers and their staff, specially management. A business without feedback will alienate their operations from real market.


It’s called targeted advertising. Google, Amazon, shopify, wix, wordpress, they all do it. You can turn off cookie acceptance if it creeps you out, and empty your cache and history.


Thanks for the head’s up and I totally agree with you basically on every point but especially on the point that veteran sellers should be categorized as Pros.


Good point @juanwriter
Someone repost your thread on reddit and I also tweet to the CEO, we need did something to get attention from CEO and fiverr.

Regarding to the PRO, I wish they can let pro price start at $50 which look not that ridiculous IMO. Also wish they can let some regular seller brought along our review and portfolio to PRO. Like myself basically I’m a PRO in my niche, but since I didn’t work for big corporate like Apple and Tesla, it hard to get PRO.


Thank you for your help regarding this matter, I hope the CEO read the tweet and think about this.


Off-Topic: did you apply and get rejected?
Because I really don’t think your issue lies with not having worked with Elon Musk. It’s also not a prerequisite to have worked with a major brand in the past.