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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


I’ll second those well wishes and certainly the reasons in which everyone has brought forward and discussed. It is safe to say that everyone here in this thread has a vested interest in the success of Fiverr. We are all here to make money! Personally, I want to make as much as I possibly can. If Fiverr does not drive traffic to proven Sellers, then freelancers will find other means to make money.

Most businesses do not change until there is a pain point that is reached. Kind of like a PRO Football team. If the team has a losing season then they change players. But if the losing streak keeps going, then they will change management. As you can see in the graph, the 1st six months of the year, Fiverr was loosing its traffic. In the last 30 days it appears that traffic is on the rise. So there’s some good news, Lording willing we will all see that bump in traffic and business. !


I applied two times, and I got rejected. It doesn’t matter what I have in my portfolio, the quality of my work, what matters is that you have a diploma or degree in the field that you apply for, or did some work for popular clients (rising startups, and etc). That gives you weight! If I don’t have that, it’s hard for Fiverr to sell me as a pro.

For example, you have an awesome track record off Fiverr, and a college degree in your field (you have in directing which is closely related to your work). On the other hand, I don’t have a college degree in design, but in agriculture, my clients are mostly small companies without large presence, I don’t have a lot of followers on my social media pages, and that’s why I won’t be a pro anytime soon, same goes for Chrisdata.

I am not attacking neither you or any pro on this platform. In a matter of fact, Fiverr PRO is a great thing as it might attract different kinds of clients in the long run which can benefit us the regular sellers. For now, I have a mixed opinion, and I rather not share it completely. :slight_smile:


When you got rejected, did they state the reason why?


It is interesting what Alexa shows us. Since January, the same month the new rating system began, the traffic were steadily going down, but I think the latest marketing campaign is working as intended, recovering traffic.

However, we lack key data here, that is conversion and gross revenues. Traffic can be increased using several methodologies, but that traffic needs to be turned into real sales, and the OPV (orders per 1000 visits for example) and ROI of the marketing campaigns shall increase alongside with traffic. That’s something we don’t know, so we really don’t know the Fiverr internal status, only their movements. But, whatever circumstances are happening inside HQ, the measures are just plain bad. Those won’t fix anything. Breaking the buyer perception of the site will not help in any scenario.


Nope, the usual reply, after that I didn’t apply again, but I put more effort into promoting other points of my business which I can sell at a pro price point on other platforms.


I got rejected 1 time but they didn’t explain the reason.
Now I feel sceptical really go PRO or not because it start with $100 and I don’t want to lose my long term customer relationship. That’s why I hope PRO can start with $50.


You may wish chat with some PRO’s about their experience Chris. Personally, I don’t want it. For me, it is all about the money. Seems like Level 2 and TRS are making much more money than any one of the PRO’s. So do what is best for your business, but ‘show me the money!’. (Jerry McQuire). :slight_smile:


Well then it all worked out for you in the end since you did not get accepted. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure fiverr did all these changes to earn more, like any company does (looking for best profit).

What looks like, is that fiverr constantly changes it’s algorithm to find the best “formula” to increase fiverr earnings. BUT fiverr doesn’t seems to take in consideration the seasonality factor of businesses.

Unfortunately fiverr gives features deliberately (changes on number of reviews, good placement for new sellers, etc), instead encouraging sellers to earn them by their own efforts. It’s really nice for new sellers, but they dont realize they will never become a stable seller at fiverr platform.

Anyway you @juanwriter, your post is awesome. I really hope fiverr staff could take a look on this.


Alexa is Meh & not much use for anything at all. Trust me that is not painting a picture that is remotely like what is really going on.


Maybe they’d earn more if they supported more than 1 browser. If customers can’t even log in, they can’t buy.


They would earn more if they would promote better their best sellers, and encourage sellers to earn their reputation, instead just giving them.

I really don’t understand why fiverr try to obfuscate the top sellers (by ridiculous placement rotations, placing amateur sellers as being bestsellers, and hiding the total number of reviews), giving preference to new arrivals and amateur gigs, create a such ridiculous leveling system (where a seller with an overall 90% performance may get promoted, when another seller with an overall 97.25% can be demoted - see explanation below), and many others already discussed.

as talked above:
Seller 1: Response rate 90%, Delivered on time 90%, Order Completion 90%, Rating 90% (4.8), Overall 90%.
Seller 2: Response rate 100%, Delivered on time 100%, Order Completion 89%, Rating 100% (5.0). Overall 97.25%.

Seller 2 is clearly performing better, but also the one to get demoted.

I mean that some strategies of fiverr are so ridiculous, that when they are trying to make more money, they are just “pulling the carpet” below their own feet.

Fiverr clearly is trying to do more money, like any company, or even any seller at fiverr, but they wrongly just “raise” the prices instead adding value to their product.


Yes, I don’t understand those measures also, and I bet no one here can explain them in a reasonable way. Yes, they “may” benefit PRO sellers, but at the expense of the entire marketplace which is ridiculous. The PRO niche is nice and we have plenty of space, besides, a high price tier is a good movement. But the implementation to get the new model working is, well, not working, and won’t do it, never.


Wow, this is eye opening.

You raised valid points, I hope they listen and revert.


how come you’re not a top rated seller? I check out your profile looks like you should be…


@juanwriter, you just voiced out my mind here. I worked hard when I first joined fiverr; this was by offering more, and better services than the regular seller in my niche. I was rewarded by ranking top-most on search (at that time).
You know when last my gig was on the first page?
4 months ago. I was ripped off there for no reason. Did marketing for my gigs through my social media channels and my blogs, I’m getting orders but I can’t even get to the 3rd page

No matter how hard I try, I’m not rewarded at all.

I always making mighty efforts to meet monthly evaluations, but the truth is that no one that has a good number of orders will be able to satisfy all that condition. Does it mean I didn’t do my best during that month?

The Pro thing is Fiverr’s worst mistake I have ever seen. You started a company years ago with the idea of delivering great services at a low cost and now you are bringing in captains of industry to come compete with these same people (sellers) that bought into your ideology years ago?

Ain’t no fairness here.

The search algorithm is something I weep for the most (don’t want to write about it). The same keyword will bring different results in a different order on different browsers, No consistency.

I’m glad you were able to voice out the minds of everyone.

You did well.


Truth. I’ve been thinking about these same things you all are discussing. Also, actively researching other platforms to take my business elsewhere.

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BTW anyone notice (as a seller) how it seems they may be discouraging us more and more from requesting direct help about issues that cannot necessarily be resolved in faq’s search? As a veteran seller here, I cannot appreciate that. Even though I no longer have a “pro” or “trs” title, I still have made them a bit of money over the past couple years.

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I believe this to be true.

  • voiceoverpete: You may wish chat with some PRO’s about their experience Chris. Personally, I don’t want it. For me, it is all about the money. Seems like Level 2 and TRS are making much more money than any one of the PRO’s. So do what is best for your business, but ‘show me the money!’. (Jerry McQuire). :slight_smile:


Fiverr is joke nowadays. Think and research, How many “apple” company/brand in this earth - Who do afford 10000$ for a logo design. :smile: :wink: