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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


This is a bit harsh considering we are here to do what we love.


Yep sucks, I consider myself a veteran and been on this platform for a long time, this 60 days thing has negatively affected me, I now get less than 5 inquiries a week , before this it was over 3-5 daily , but what can we do its their platform and they do what they want, and from what I can see , they are not going to change it ,no matter how many times we rant over here, its sad


strongly strongly agreed.
although i am new seller but this will really destroy the business .i also request to please review their change …
our senior seller will really suffers.
thanks a lot


Yes please. I feel veterans should have superiority over newer sellers. We have been here longer, we have worked hard, and we are EXPERIENCED. Why would someone who started Fiverr 2 weeks ago be placed higher than someone who has been here for atleast 2-3 years? If a new buyer purchases a gig from a newer seller who is not familiar with the Fiverr system yet and messes up they will leave the site.


Well, I don’t really think is about being superior over new sellers. In fact, I don’t see it from the sellers point of view. Instead, I view the problem from the buyers point of view.

As a buyer, I want to receive the best offers so my experience is the best possible. Proven and veteran sellers which fulfill the quality requirements are more likely to provide that experience, so impressions for them must be favored. Fortunately, there is plenty of space, and a veteran seller can fill their work queue and go OOO, so new sellers have a nice opportunity to get into search in high places.

All sellers wants an opportunity to show their talent when they create their first Gig. But remember this if you are a new seller and you are reading this: one day, you will be a veteran. And that day, you will thank being respected for all the work and passion you have put here. All good things in life are hard to get, and the harder they are, the more rewarding.

Besides all of that, as I have said, new sellers are not benefited in this new system. I explain it in the post. Search engine should reflect authority for buyers benefit really.


I think you’re spot-on.The idea of a service like Fiverr Pro is great, but the way Fiverr handled it from the start was a mistake, in my opinion. While there are many sellers proving the norm wrong, Fiverr does have a reputation as a place to get low-quality work done on the cheap. Fiverr specifically markets to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses that don’t have the funds to pay professional rates.

Then, they create Fiverr Pro and market it as the exact opposite: high-end, high-quality work for people willing and able to pay premium rates. The two perceptions of the same brand don’t work together at all. They should have created a new brand and a new platform for the Pro idea.

I don’t think they can maintain the quality and price gap indefinitely. Now, they have two choices: remove Pro from Fiverr, or make the platform Pro-only, or close to Pro-only. That appears to be what they’re trying to do. If they continue to do so, they will lose their current customer base; their current customers are not the right market for Fiverr Pro. The results could be disastrous for Fiverr and for sellers.


Fiverr went downhill from the moment they introduced the evaluation process. Everyone was living in their own little paradise where all they cared was giving quality work and getting more orders in return. Since then, some of the worst decisions have been made. Automatic demotions, TRS dummy messages, Fiverr Pro and now the reviews.

As many of you guys said, Fiverr Pro should’ve been a completely new brand, or at least a new website and not interfere with the previous seller platform. Everytime you search on the Fiverr homepage, you have PROs there but that doesn’t happen when you do on the Fiverr Pro homepage. It’s really annoying when the platform you work “on” , makes you work “for” them. Greedy and not to mention the $2 service fee they’ve added. I haven’t received a single tip this month. (Highest total was $300 before they did that).

Reviews on the other hand, see below:


How am I supposed to compete?


Start looking for job on new platform
Its going downhill from now, Im pretty sure


Yeah it would be something to aspire to, if they had strong portfolio and if couple of them are not stealing work from others and calling themselves a PRO.
Cut the c**p mate


Yup sales are going down month by month and I am updating my profile on other freelance platforms. I used to fully rely on Fiverr but now I cont rely on fiver alone. I think most of the veteran Fiverr sellers are in same situation. If I get more sales on other freelance platform(s), there is a chance that I can concentrate more on that platform and ignore Fiverr. Now I am wondering what will happen to Fiverr if most of the senior Fiverr sellers get more sales on some other freelance platforms and concentrate more on that?


strongly agree it already happened with me .


Well, I have a natural mix in my income sources, that is, I just let them flow and grow as market demands. Fiverr is still the best of them until now, so I think the ship is holding the enemies cannons, but I don’t know for how long.


Since I’m new this was the scariest part for me. I’m not saying this will happen, but starting on this platform (any platform overall) is hard, and to lose this easy the reviews will feel really bad, I hope to continue the way Im doing right now.


Great explaination of the problem, it hurts us the sellers


Great example. Thanks a lot!


The greatest summary I have ever seen. Thank you.


Juan, I wish they would give you a seat on the board.


Thank you! I think I said in another thread (or was this one?) that I am ready to take a flight to NY or Tel Aviv if I have to (both lovely cities!), and @cyaxrex answered me they would add a fee to buy water cannons for their HQ lol :rofl:

Anyway, I am willing to share my experience and knowledge. I really appreciate Fiverr really, and I just want to help this marketplace become a great place for all of us: PRO, Veterans, New sellers, Fiverr Staff, executives, investors… we all can make good profit here. I want to help in any way: a forum post, a report, feedback… I am all open to all kind of possibilities.


Wow! Great explanation.
Thank You so much


thanks for the great information: