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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


I had a conversation with Mr. Kaufman, and I had a good feeling about him. Now I see the 60-day ratings UI change is gone, back to normal lifetime reviews, and several improvements have been implemented, like leaving out the worst rating for promotion/demotion calculation, among other things. I am glad and happy that I could help in any way. Thank you to all the people that helped, and the Fiverr Staff, including Mr. Kaufman, for hearing us.


So, in that conversation, have you forgotten to bring to his attention the matter of cancellations that are not our fault yet still affect us, OR did he tell you something that is so big, so unthinkable & enlightening that you simply cannot share with us mere mortals as it would likely rupture the space-time continuum? :smiley:

Other than that, we’re obviously all super thankful for your input & tangible help you’ve brought to the table! :slight_smile:


Woah, how he’s having conversation with you? via Skype? FaceTime?


I appreciate your kind words and thankfulness. We did not talk about any details, he just explained to me that this post didn’t go unnoticed and that they were working hard on the issues, and they are aware of the marketplace situation and they are trying their best, in few words. Please note that I had not a formal conversation, just some messages, so no big secret to keep I am sorry. But, what I can say, is that I found him very kind and reasonable. That’s all.

Just messages, believe me, is just what I had written: I had a good feeling about him. That’s all, no more to say really. I am just a regular seller here. Usually, the PR or CM are the ones that talk with customers/users, so if the CEO message us, that is very interesting, and I see he does it more than we think. At least he get feedback from us, which is something interesting, as CEOs are usually focused on other tasks.


I think this should be really welcomed by sellers.
Sure, it could be seen as a bit of a PR thing or whatever, but the reality is that things have been heard and some changes made. It should encourage people to be positive and to continue with constructive feedback and criticism, rather than moans. This post is a great example of this even if I enjoyed @torrelles “creative criticism” better but when people explain things in a rational and constructive way, Micha’s response suggests that Fiverr does hear us.

Many of us have criticized Fiverr’s lack of communication and this shows a different angle which can only be a good thing. So write posts, sing songs, create videos, write stuff on your body and dance in the jungle - whatever your chosen way of communicating is and let’s hope this communication and interest in our opinions continues!


Indeed, it’s nice to find you are being heard. And about the criticism… no wonder @torrelles is from Spain like me… we are the masters of criticism! the reason is simple: In Spain, blaming each other all day long and fighting between us is a national sport… At least some Spanish try to be constructive and creative :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! It doesn’t matter the moment or the situation, we’ll always find a way to criticise things and people. You guys shouldn’t get into Twitter Spain, that’s a rage fest. :joy:


In Ireland our criticism tends to be done with sarcasm and cynicism.


I remember one of my stays in Dublin, I was in the hotel room, and switched on the TV… I was shocked with a TV Show… “The Savage Eye” special “Catholic Church”, I thought “in Spain this TV Show would be impossible to air”. Then I became a “The Savage Eye” total fan lol! (well, not really for the fun but for being so daring). In Spain we had some comedy shows about politicians and dissapeared due to being too much “unconfortable” for them…

Sorry for the off-topic.


I am curious more about the factor that people, when leaving a rating, tend to 5 star or 1 star people. I’d love to see the fiverr coding on that!


yes you are absolutely true juanwriter


As a new fiverr attemptive-seller I am discouraged by what I hear about fiverr. It doesn’t seem like enough buyers are here to out strip the supply of sellers and make the prices fair. From what you are saying it does sound like people who have invested a lot of time and energy are being disenfranchised and the playing field isn’t level.


Thank you very much for the great post!

I am one of those veterans severely being affected by the consequences. All my indicators in terms of reviews, orders completed, etc, are at 100% and my order views and sales have dropped 80% in the past 3 months.

What is happening is incredibly unfair and I feel the system is no longer based on performance.