A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Gigs (I Mean Words)


I’ve been trying to earn an extra income online for at least a decade. Fiverr has been the only place i’ve made a consistent cash flow. When I first started as a buyer, my profile picture was my music company’s logo. After awhile, I realized to be successful, you have to earn people’s trust, and its hard to earn it by hiding behind an image. So now, I use my real photo to show people the person behind the service. I think its more personable; it lets potential buyers know that I’m a real person and I’m here to help. :slight_smile:



Good point, Nakita. I used to have a light bulb avatar. I changed it to a toon based on my pic. c/o a Fiverr seller, of course. I’ve gotten more gig sales after making the switch from the lightbulb picture to my current avatar. A little bit of personalization can help quite a bit.


Reply to @eugeni0: Most definitely. I think those images are so cool. I may get one made. I would love to see how it’ll look. :slight_smile:


What you think about my avatar? Good or Bad.


Reply to @sarahwilson: Well, I’m on my phone, and the avatars are extremely small on mobile devices, so its kind of hard to read what it says.


Great post!


Reply to @kevinwil: Thanks Kevin! :slight_smile: