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A place for CONTESTS where Sellers can Participate like Buyer Request Area


Hey Peeps!
I was wondering as now adays Buyer Request is become tougher and also spammy… As if a buyer requests there are so many offers for a single request, every one just sent offer, rather he can do or not.

My suggestion like wise Buyer Request if we have a CONTEST section, where a random buyer can open a contest regarding his needs, and all sellers can submit their designs etc. After a time limit he choose to work with 4 to 5 sellers and then finalize the design and Prize money is awarded between 1st , 2nd , 3rd.

  • Now here Fun thing like Buyer request every one cant send just offer. only people who know they can compete will send.

  • In this Category Buyer wll have to Pay a higher Prize money then normal gigs as there wll be so many seller and so many ideas (let fiverr decide their starting price to enter)

  • It will be useful for New Sellers who dont have any order so they can participate and if he is good he have the chance to win. but in Buyer request there is no chance as his profile is shown new arrival so very less chance but he is good.

  • There wll be a better poosibility to win contests and eposure and engage sellers, as for now seller have only one option Buyer request to get order if he is new other iis automatic, So it wll be a second option for Him.

OR May be There are contest for Every seller Badge.

Buyer Can have options “Open Contest For New Sellers”“Open Contest For Level 1 Seller”“Open Contest For Level 2 Seller”“Open Contest For Toprated Seller”

and when any seller visit their contest page he can see participate only Contests related to his badge…

and we can think more about this idea and refine it. Mainly fiverr sellers wll be engaged Properly and they wll have the good opportunities for their Sale and exposure which is very much good for new sellers Comparing to just sent offer to Buyer request and wait wait wait despite ther are good at their work but cant Show their Skills.

Guys Need your Suggestions… What you Think…
P.s the idea was mainly related to Graphic Design category may be applied to others.


I think it is the best suggestion for the Graphic Designer Category :slight_smile: There is a tough competition among the designers on Fiverr, and I believe there are many sellers who are highly skilled but never get an opportunity to show off their skills and ideas just because of lack of communication skills and many other reasons. :wink:


However, on the other side, every platform has its rules and ways of working so we can just give a suggestion, but we cannot force our thoughts. :sunglasses:


Exactly thats my Point…i have seen many sellers who are so creative but they didnt get any order as they are new on seller and their profile and gigs are not shown plus buyer cant trust them as they are new. ALso i have seen many desgners they are satisfactory but got so many orders due to their profile rating etc…

So CONTEST wll be the best plae to diiferentiate between the best creatives and the normal… as on Buyer Request every one is sending offer… HERE PEOPLE WLL THINK AS EVERY WLL NOT WASTE TIME TO DESIGN IF HE NEW HE CANT…ONLY CREATIVES WLL DO… as a result they wll win plus get exposure


We are not chnaging the way of working, just adding a new contest area that seller can be busy and spend their time and luck rather then being free and wait for the orders… He can have the chance here…and Obviously we are just giving suggestions :slight_smile:


Yes, you are right dear😇


Obviously, the rest depend on buyers in what we they think about it.


You might find this interesting reading: (I know it’s slightly different, but may still be relevant) :slight_smile:


YUP But my idea and intentions are different… as there are many sellers who are just waitng for the buyers as their accounts are new so its better to participate in a contest…

OverAll it will be a side option like Buyer Request area as every one is not using buyer request…same for this category who needs to participate can participate and who have good sales he should not…its all about to participate rather to sit alone free… some chances may increase


No, its not.
If they are trying to make money they would be better off working on building their business using some of the 10,000 tips for sellers that are on the forum rather than sitting waiting or working for free.
Competitions for work in the manner you are speaking about attract only those who are desperate for work but do not know how to go about promoting themselves. If they rely on competitions then they will always be entering competitions to get work. If they spend time on the most basic aspect of being a freelancer - getting clients - then they will soon have some knowledge of how to do it and not have to give away their work for free through the lottery of competitions.


Yeah you are Right… but my suggestion was it wll be option not a must thng… who are desperate they will participate… No one will force to participate…BUT there will be another option for sellers a CONTEST rather then just posting Buyer requests instead of sellers…and sending ever offer to ever request without reading them…

Yes the Good sellers will always do, but we can give option to desperate sellers who even advertise their self in BUYER Request Area… :slight_smile:

In My opinion its not a bad idea as fiverr wll not depend on this, it will be new place and no force on people who want to participate or not…


The problem is that buyers would not know the difference.
They would come to Fiverr, see the “competition” option and not realize that they were only going to get entries from those who are unprofessional and have no concept of how to run their business. When they get 7,938 entries which are mostly copy and pasted from other companies, the buyer will assume that this is all of Fiverr and never come back.
The only way to avoid this would be to warn buyers that this was a “Beginners” or “Desperado” section and that the experienced Fiverr sellers would not be involved. Now what kind of buyer would decide it was a good idea to do that? Certainly not the ones who are worth working with!
My opinion is that when you do work for someone, you should be paid.


Yup Thats why i suggested option for buyer from whom they want Entries. and obviosly Contest FEE wll be larger then normal gigs. Good for fiverr.


Now he will not get so much entries as if he chose a ontest for level 2 sellers then only they will participate. and Buyer will believe in them. he can have the rough ideas and select the the top 3 and go with best. plus buyer can limit the DAYS of contest if he want unique and less entries he can have 2 day contest.
and i belive when there are so many contests related to so many categories 7,938 entries are not possible as good seller have not that much time…

BUt Over all its just a suggestion… :slight_smile: as there are few sites which are mainly working on the contest thng but for Fiverr it wll be just a PERK for a seller and a opportunity to compete the world…


To be a freelancer one has to pay attention to details, rules, regulations etc, otherwise failure is unavoidable.
Someone who mistakes buyer requests for seller ads doesn’t have any chance to make it as a freelancer in the long run. So best way to help them would be a swift banning so that they will get to go jobhunting for a 9-5 job where a boss tells them what to do asap.


If you are so desperate for a “Contest” option, would recommend you go work at Upwork.

If Fiverr decided they would like to have a marketplace which is a clone of all other freelancer marketplace, they would have done so from the beginning.

##Fiverr’s methodology is different.

@eoinfinnegan Eoin’s trying to remind you that over and over again.


LOLs its just a suggestion every one has own ideas and thinking… no one are equal and same… Many wll like this idea and many will not and i am not saying to chnage the

am just adding a perk as a suggestion… the main methodology wll be the same and its best…



Regular buyers know what 5r is all about and will not be interested in any sort of contest. Well, speaking for myself.

That would open the door for salivating cheapos and scam artist out for a free lunch.


Yes but there are So many buyers who wll prefer this in order to get so many ideas from dfferent sellers


Do you have statistics or study to back up your claim?