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to let prospective sellers know exactly and in detail what we are looking for?

The request gig is a good start, but it is quite limited. I was looking for young film acters, and I got a lot of responses that didn’t qualify because there was not enough information for people to correctly understand. I even got kid impersonators, lol. Anyone thoughts?



We need to have a “MY Fiverr Gigs” section AND a “My Fiverr Requests” section here on the forums :confused:


Maybe create some sort of alert?


I think what tyger1 was requesting is to have more space allotted to explain the requests in detail


Reply to @caiterz: I think that’s a great idea


The idea that you cannot already find a seller that is “spot on” to your gig just surprises me.

However, why wouldn’t you just contact someone with a similar gig.

I think the reason the “Request Gigs” works so poorly for sellers who follow up with them is that it’s the “easy way out”. At least 50% of the times the gigs requested are clearly gigs that are already offered with a simple search.

Probably another 25% of the time, it’s gigs that are SO very specialized that no good seller would ever make a gig for it because there’s no future in it.


Reply to @magisworks: spot on :slight_smile:


Reply to @caiterz: Great minds think alike :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Gee… lol Talk to those who have worked here with me… lol.

Maybe I expect too much. But those who have stuck with me have produced extraordinary masterpieces :slight_smile: