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A poor friend with no technical knowledge


I have a friend who has great art and makes anything by hand (Mostly human faces) He even made some quick logos in just few hours. Being poor even he can’t afford good phone to take pictures. I am attaching some pictures so that some Logo makers can have a look and tell me if he can join Fiverr.

Also some tips that will help him to earn little and things he might need if he is okay to join with such designing.


The designs look good, maybe his target category would be more “Illustration” than “logo design”.

My only concern is: since, as you said, he’s poor, how will he handle software and internet connection costs? Working on Fiverr (actually, working on every online marketplace) requires a strong presence and possibly 24/7 working internet connection.

If he can join Fiverr: the quality and the value of his works will be evaluated by customers, not by other designers, so why not joining (that’s how I started).



The thing is… I think I’ve seen those graphics on the internet – and they weren’t designed by “your friend”.


Can you send me? He made this in front of me.

May be he might also have seen and took idea and when work will be given he can do :slight_smile: I asked to look at skills not if they are copied or what,

Hope you understand what my point was


He is gonna spend 2-3 hours through my wifi. As he doesn’t have access to technology that much that is why asked that if he makes all by hand can he earn a little :slight_smile:


Here’s an example taken from Google directly:

26 vs. b10f0b23ae41a5746d8ca52d2c4e41ad

Anyone can memorize simple vector graphics and then reproduce them on paper at any time - there’s no skill required to do that, and it’s also no proof of a skill whatsoever :slight_smile:


Can you suggest something like an idea that will help me to help him :slight_smile: So if I give him a work from your suggestion may be that can help to see what skills he has got


Here’s an idea: your friend can take a logo brief like this and produce a few sample logo design variations in a presentable manner - a lot can be observed from the resulting logos in terms of creativity, attention to details & execution.


Give me the url plz :slight_smile: Basically I myself no nothing about this just trying to help so I guess by this way he can improve


Just click on that link, you’ll be taken to the URL, which is an image of a logo brief.


Your friend should not join fiverr if all he can do is copy and paste logos and clip art he finds on the internet.

This is not design, it’s just copying.

People are going to be very mad if they pay for things they can see are copied.

Why did you say you saw him do that in front of you? You saw him copy and paste them in front of you?

As soon as I saw them I knew they were copies of things. They look like clip art, very cheap and seen all over the internet.

Let me give you and your “friend” some advice. Sellers can do very well on fiverr if they don’t try to just copy and paste art they find on the internet but can actually do design.

Coming to fiverr to lie your *** off to everyone as you did here with this and as your “friend” was going to think he could get away with won’t earn you money and will get you bad reviews. If your “friend” can’t do any better than what you have shown here, he needs to stay off fiverr and not come back. We have too many like him who want to do what he wants to do, copy some horrible artwork and try to sell it to people.


Mam he did make these may be he might have already seen those. And as far I know seller give their idea right?

They don’t want that make and go anything you want?


He copied that logo. It’s far from being inspired by something.

The problem is that your friend lied. He stole someone else’s idea and claimed that he came up with it.
Imagine if he makes a logo for a small business and then it turns out that their logo is stolen. That business might be sued.

The fact that you don’t understand it yourself makes me question your reputation as a seller here. I would recommend you to stop here and not to pursue this any further. Your friend will get you in trouble.


I found this under two seconds when I searched “clipart scissors and comb”

I hope that those who make logos for people can not do this kind of work. Aside from it being copies of lousy art that’s available free, it is not even good.

There are thousands of sellers who offer this kind of so called design work now. No one is going to be happy if they get this kind of work even for $5.


I’m not going to call this copying nor stealing, let’s say it was an inspiration, but If you believe in your friend’s skills, then you should help him ameliorate them, and when you or he thinks he’s good enough he can join any marketplace he wants, and as @aura_agency stated the quality will of his designs will be evaluated by his customers.
Good luck!


Tell your friend it’s a wrap like a :chicken: fajita wrap.

The fact that you’re playing the dumbfounded role is insulting. Pfft!

Tell him to draw the above :small_red_triangle: image. Since, that’s his kinda thing!


I don’t think this type of seller knows what a decent logo should look like.

I know that they only get $5 total for these. So the fault if on the buyer also unless they don’t care what they get.


Being able to copy images and things you seen by hand is a pretty handy skill for any artist, designer or illustrator.


@mgjohn78 I’m talking about copy and pasting, with the mouse. And pretending you drew it yourself.


I think 60-80% of the “logo designers” on Fiverr – perhaps even higher than that – have no what a true logo really is. I have a degree in design – I’ve had training and experience creating logos. Unfortunately, a lot of what I’ve seen here on Fiverr are images created by people that clearly DON’T have any design training. These guys use images stolen from the internet (or from other designers), or “pretty pictures” that I wouldn’t even use to represent a homeless man.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic skilled logo designers here on Fiverr – I admire their work, but they, sadly, aren’t the majority. In a world where anyone can claim to be anything (and most people just nod their heads and agree, for fear of hurting people’s feelings), you really have to be mindful to ignor these fakers. They are everywhere… like rats in a sewer.

And the ironic thing is, if people just stopped pretending, and offered work that they ACTUALLY have skills in, they would be a lot more successful. But people don’t hold others to account as much anymore, and it’s just easier to lie and cheat for a living.