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A positive Rant. Fiverr Buyers are the best!

It’s usually pretty caustic in here, let’s talk about the good!

I’ve found that my buyers are absolutely awesome! You guys communicate well, generally tell me if you have any expectations, accept my “artistic interpretations” and my judgement-calls, and you’ve never even met me in real life!

When I mess up, yeah I’m human, you’ve been really understanding and you even still come back for another order.

I’m humbled and honored at the level of trust that, you, complete strangers on the internet, have placed in me to represent you, your brand, your life’s work.

I think it’s an absolute miracle that something like Fiverr, with resources drawn from across different cultures, different backgrounds, and different fields can function this well when the only form of communication is typically typed in a few sentences in a little text box.

And despite of what is often said here in the forums, I really believe that 99.99% of you are totally awesome and without you I wouldn’t have a job, let alone be able to do what I love for a living.

Thank you Fiverr buyers. Thank you for your trust.

You guys are the best.

-Dave :slight_smile:

Now I feel better.