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A potential client wants to talk on S.... about a Pro Gig

Hi there! I have recently joined the ranks here, and today I got the first inquiry for my Pro Gig. I remembered that in the introductory presentation for Fiverr Pro rookies, it was mentioned that I am allowed to talk to my client on ■■■■■. But I cannot remember clearly if it is allowed after we have started working, or can I use ■■■■■ to talk to potential clients as well to explain and entice! Thanks in advance for any info in this regard!

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Hi there @lightnform and welcome to the forum.

With us Pro sellers there’s a little bit of leeway when it comes to communication.

You are allowed to book a quick video/voice chat prior to the actual order, if it helps you close the sale.

If I were you I’d use Zoom for two reasons:

A) there’s an option to record the call, which is great in case you need to keep track of what was said (for your benefit) or if something goes south and CS needs to investigate.

B) Zoom is Fiverr’s integrated tool for video calls once an order is in place, so you are essentially using the same tool, just earlier on in the funnel.


This. Some clients have a strong preference one way or the other though, so I usually ask if they prefer a zoom or ■■■■■ call and send them the link (why is ■■■■■ censored and zoom is fine, lmao).

Half of them still insist on sending me their phone number when we talk about a call even after I said no personal information is needed. Oh well, just ignore it and send the link to the call!

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Oh you know it!

Plus: even if phone calls were allowed, ANY client who wants your phone #, whatsapp, etc, will MOST CERTAINLY bug you all the time.

You can’t enforce healthy boundaries when you hand them a key to your sanity. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t say “any” (some are just for the convenience), but yeah, a lot. I work with a big YouTuber (over 1 million subs) outside Fiverr, I have his direct phone number (because the guy is terrible with following up on what we discussed, I need a way to contact him immediately) and so he insists on messaging me at 6 a.m. with the most pointless bs…

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Well I need to zoom in on the photo someone posted and zoom works just fine but still when I send link to new forum user to and explained how zoom works he still did not know what tine magnifying glass with plus means. SkypeSkype works fine. viber twitter instagram whatsapp vine wechat … khm only ■■■■■ skypeskype goes black.

I suppose it’s just Fiverr being terribly slow to react to anything. When Fiverr started, ■■■■■ was the go to method to have a call, it was the default. Now there are a ton of alternatives and they didn’t bother updating the filters LOL

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Congratulations! I must say I had no idea that what you do is an actual thing. Your gig is the first of its kind.
Where to put lights calculations. My electrition guy uses thumb, squeezes eyes to get the middle of the room and sticks with that and how much cable he has.

But from TOS for you Skypeskype is not allowed but zoom is.

Thank you all for the responses. It seems to me that @frank_d suggestion that Zoom is a better choice. But is it possible to start a Zoom call inside the Fiverr chat (at least on web version there is no button for that)? Or should I start one in Zoom app and then share the link with client in Fiverr chat?

@marinapomorac No worries, you are not alone. I myself found out about that rare specie that is lighting designer after ten years of practicing architecture. But it is for real!

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You can just create the event on zoom’s app and then share the link with them.