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A potential issue with the new system


I am quite excited to see how things go with Fiverr’s new system coming January 15th but feel there is a potential pitfall with one of the major elements of the evaluation system.

The “Order Completion Rate” is something that is obviously extremely important, but the calculation of that statistic is where I think there may be an issue.

When customers cancel orders due to an accidental order, misunderstanding the gig, asking for more than what is provided in the gig and agree to a mutual cancellation, etc. these are cancellations which I understand Fiverr see’s as a ‘good’ cancellation which is great, but that statistic will still update with an increased cancellation rate, potentially pushing Sellers below the threshold for their level.

Not sure what Fiverr’s plan was for this, but I’m hoping there is some kind of system that allows for good, mutual cancellations that doesn’t damage Seller’s profiles


This is the 100th post about this concern… please tag onto another thread instead of flooding the main board with more of the same content.



Oh is it, I haven’t seen the others and am not sure how to tag onto other posts??


When you create the post, there should be a column on the right-hand side that says “duplicate content” sometimes it works, other times it does.

Sorry to grip, but if you had spent just a little time reading here and you would know how overdone that conversation is.


"i orderd the wrong thing, please cancel"?

Mutual Cancellation AFFECTS Seller Rating?

Just a couple.


Thanks for sending these through!

I would remove my post to ease your frustration but I don’t think I can haha


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