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A pretty basic Paypal question

I’ve read around the forums that Paypal charges a small fee while withdrawing amount. Since I’ve never made an online transaction to date, I’ve very little knowledge on the subject.

Now when someone says “withdrawal charges”, do they mean charges being taken for withdrawing from Paypal to a local bank or withdrawing from Fiverr to Paypal?

Also, suppose I’ve $10 in my Paypal account and I use that to shop or buy online a product worth say $5 dollars, will that attract a charge too?

I’m of the assumption that :

(a) Withdrawing from Fiverr into the Paypal account would be free of cost and that only when I try to withdraw from Paypal shall the charge apply.

(b) Buying something online with Paypal would not attract a charge too

Am I right on both counts?



is $1 flat rate for Fiverr to paypal transaction charges?

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: So withdrawing INTO Paypal attracts charge but withdrawing FROM Paypal is free. Got it! Thanks.

Reply to @arnevb: Wow! Didn’t knew about the $500 or more quota.

Reply to @arnevb: Don’t think that withdrawal of $500 doesn’t attract any charge. you aren’t right.

The Paypal fee is 2% of the amount transferred in, but caps at $1.00.