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A Pro "Buyer's Request" Section

It would nice to have buyer’s request section for Pros and TRS only, or giving the customer’s the option to select which seller’s to work it.

I’m getting too many sellers with wrong credentials bidding, who has not read my instruction. I’ve even written “TRS bids only”.

The problem is PROs and TRS don’t go to BR. If I had the option to select the level of seller, it would help me to quickly find qualified seller without spending hours and hours reading through hundreds of gigs.



As far as I know it already limits the number of offers per level per request. I thought it was about 10 offers sent per request from sellers of each level.
Also if the option to select a seller level was there (or just for Pros/TRS) that wouldn’t necessarily mean they were qualified to do the specific task a buyer asked for. Maybe filtering by skills or something might help.

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Pros and TRSs don’t really look at buyer requests. If that’s who you want, use the search with filters to find suitable sellers.


That’s just for new/unlevelled sellers.

Some do, sometimes, and more might do it (and more often) if there was a BR section just for them (or if it was possible to filter for requests that demand a Pro or TRS).


Really? I thought they were all too busy …

A lot of sellers complain here that they don’t get responses to their BR offers. They should all read your post.

Its not true for all newbies…Underrated newbies can also provide quality work at nominal rates

I think I’ve seen some TRS sellers mention that, when the business gets slow (and it does, even for them), they do check what’s available in BR, and send offers to some requests.

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Seller with respectable levels dont really look into BR. im a level one seller and even at that level i rarely use it. lets say only 5 times a mos or less. and usually chances of getting sales is hard so i doubt they use it plenty. but on the other hand you can filter out top rated sellers if your searching for a specific service i think that would be faster than scrolling through the sellers who sent you request.

I never look at BR, even in my downtime I find there are other things I can do to bring in more business.

From my perspective, BR brings no value to me as most people posting there can’t afford my services or don’t value what I bring to the table.

They just want a task done. For cheap.

@gina_riley2 why don’t you filter your search to only include Pro and TRS?

Maybe it could help if sellers had sort option or a filter option to sort/filter by budget (a range of budgets could be specified).That would help sellers find requests that were in their price range and put some of the most reasonable requests at the top of the list. It should also help buyers as it would help sellers more quickly find requests for their offers if they were in the right price range.

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In theory this would work. However, I recently experimented with buyer requests myself. I sent at least one offer per day to requests which seemed reasonable. However, in the majority of cases, people replied to say “great!” - But then revealed that their real budget was a lot less than what was advertised.

Buyers who post to buyer requests also generally seem to be very difficult people to work with. If a buyer responds to an offer, they do so to request samples, chat a lot about a project, and generally waste time before saying they will get back later to discuss an order.

All this makes bidding on buyers requests ultimately loss making. Even if a buyer is willing to pay something reasonable, what they are willing to pay doesn’t justify the lengthy bidding and consultation process involved with acquiring an order.


Though it could help get future orders, if not from the same buyer, from different buyers, eg. based on the review or what is shown in the live gallery (if something is shown).

Nah. Buyers like this are the most likely to leave a poor review. Needing intensive communication is usually the result of buyers not knowing what they want or having a bit of a ego.

By comparison, while I was experimenting with buyer requests, I simultaneously started selling on two new platforms. There, I’ve picked up sales quickly and now have a nice little extra side hustle.

Bidding on buyer requests daily just wastes time which could be used more productively on other projects.

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Really. Some. :wink:
Actually, I think that my highest single custom offer that got accepted was from a BR. That was when I was level 2 though. I do check BRs sometimes, in case there are interesting requests, and I don’t mean that just in the sense of financially interesting. If it’s a job I’d enjoy doing, plus it’s okay financially, I’ll apply, why not.