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A problem with a seller


I apologise if I am posting this message in the wrong forum category but I searched the forum and did not see anyone else experience the same issue.

I have had my first logo created by a Designer, and am very pleased with it.
But before final approval, I wanted to add a comment to just to say Thank you to the designer. But adding the comment kicked the design back for a further review and the Accept button is no longer available.

I apologised in another message and asked if the designer could provide the Accept button again.
Immediately after that I receive the message OOPS. THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEM WITH THE SELLER and the “Cancel Order” button appears.

I don’t want to cancel the order. I am happy with the design. What has happened to the designer and where or when can I download the full logo? (without the Fiverr logo), and my add-on order of some social media images. The user name is b*******

Thank you

Mod Note: Name edited


Hi there. You´ll have to edit the sellername from your post according to forum rules or your post will get flagged for moderation and hidden.

However, if you paste or type the seller´s name behind in your browser, you´ll see “This page is no longer available.”
This means either the seller closed their account or Fiverr suspended/banned their account.
You should be refunded I think if you didn´t yet accept and got to download your order, check your Fiverr balance for a refund, if you can´t find any, send a ticket to Customer Support with the order number so they can look into it for you:

It does look as if the seller’s account doesn´t exist though, so you could also just use the “Cancel Order” button, but if you want to be sure, perhaps better contact support, in case of some bug.


Thank you.
I could not see a support contact so assumed it was community support. :slight_smile:
Problem is I like the logo.
Why would the person suddenly unsubscribe when they had just created my logo? That is why I thought it was a system error.
I will try to make an enquiry with support.
Thanks for your reply and your tip about username.