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A Query about Reselling

Hello all!

This isn’t really a rant per say… more of a frustrated question. Let me first preface my query by saying that as a ghostwriter, I don’t mind what people do with my work once it leaves my hands. It is their project, after all. I am only the conduit, so to speak.

HOWEVER, having said that…is it acceptable for one ghostwriter to accept a client, then forward that client’s private information (and by that I mean the story concept, plot outline, characters, etc.) to me, the real ghostwriter, for the actual writing? The ghostwriter middle man then sends the story to the client (who doesn’t know any of this) as his or her own work. The client leaves a glowing review and promises to hire the ghostwriter middle man again, who has also charged double my rate for the story. He/She makes a profit and I’m left to basically compete against myself.

I’m aware that this might not be against the TOS, since the copyright of the delivered work goes to the buyer, but honestly, it doesn’t make sense for me to be competing against myself at higher prices on this platform. And as a ghostwriter, I do have my integrity and I don’t like the idea of someone sharing another client’s personal ideas and story concepts with me without the client’s permission or knowledge. Is there any way to safeguard against this type of client in the future? Thank you!


As you are aware that it might not be against TOS. You can go through the hassle of finding out if each buyer you get will do something like that or you can raise your prices.


So, when they buyer buys the actual product, all the rights go to them so technically yes, they can re sell it. I do know that you sort of feel “cheated” and it’s understandable. I agree with theratypist before me and I’d raise my prices to prevent this kind of thing happening. Raising prices isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it drives away bad buyers. Fiverr isn’t clear when it comes to re-selling, they do allow it but it is specific to every project because of data protection laws. Hope this helps.


I already have…though I’m still concerned about the risk, frankly, of having to compete against myself. If there is absolutely no way to safeguard or at least vet for this kind of behavior (on the seller’s part, of course, it’s not the platform’s responsibility to vet) then I find that extremely troubling. I suspect that for most sellers on the platform, it’s a balancing act between keeping prices low to entice buyers but high enough to weed out those looking to capitalize off of your work.


True. :pensive: It really is a balancing act. I hope you don’t experience something like that again!

If it is specific to every project due to data protection laws, then I guess I’m confused. What does that mean exactly? I thought the blanket statement in the TOS that states that the copyright goes to the buyer upon delivery meant just that and not that some projects are covered by data protection laws and some aren’t. Unless I’m confusing your meaning? Can you or someone else elaborate? Sorry for being so thick, but I’m not totally understanding. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks!

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Thanks! I guess it happens to us all! I’m glad at least I seem to understand the TOS. That’s what counts, I suppose.

So, again, fiverr isn’t clear about this. Yes a buyer gets all the rights upon delivery BUT handling of data without the consent of the party is illegal in europe for sure (Remember that although the re seller has the rights, he’s still handling the specific parties data), thus I do not have a definitive answer as it’s confusing haha.

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I absolutely understand your concerns about the reseller passing on their client’s private information.
You can always refuse to work with someone whose business practices you don’t like, of course.

This is what the ToS say:

Privacy & Identity - You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information. Any exchange of personal information required for the completion of a service must be provided in the Order Page. Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the Buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the Buyer.

I guess one could argue whether the reseller passing on that information to you is for the purpose of delivering the work to the buyer, however, IMO that would be interpreting the letters and not the intent of this passage. As far as I’m concerned, passing on private and confidential information to another seller without the (end) buyer being aware of it would be against the terms. You could ask support for their take on this.

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Yeah, it is! Thanks so much for explaining! It’s a very complicated topic with a lot of variables. I appreciate all the info you’ve given me. I can somewhat understand it now.

I’m just worried that if the original client didn’t want the info about his/her story divulged to me (a third party) that is could be breaking a NDA or other, similar agreement. But I guess I have no way to know and there is nothing I can do about it for the present. :smirk:

Thanks again!

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I think I’m going to, thanks so much! As a ghostwriter, I worry about NDAs and the like, along with (and don’t laugh at me here) the integrity of the original client’s work. I know I wouldn’t like all my story ideas, concepts and characters passed from my supposed ghostwriter to a unknown third party. But that’s probably my overly sentimental take on things, haha. :laughing: Thank you again for the extremely enlightening post! Your help was immeasurable!

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Not laughing at all! :slight_smile:

You actually articulated a feeling I’ve been having about others selling the writing I did for them at higher prices. Competing with myself. I think I have managed to stave off most resellers since I raised prices but I still occasionally get a few. It’s frustrating really.

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