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A query from a newbie regarding custom order

Hi all, myself Arijit, i am new to this platform. I want to know is it authincate to post in custom order to seek project? I saw some post in custom order seeking project in graphic design ,logo & presentation.

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No it’s not. It’s meant for buyers. Not sellers.

If you do that your account will be blocked permanently…

However i saw a post today from a student seeking for project.

But buyer request is only for buyers and posting your custom offer in buyer request is illegal… go and read terms of conditions first.

Thanks for the info, however i am not the person who posted that. Please dont point at me.

@viaannet my intuition is not hurt you I just try to save you… Don’t mistake me.

They’re trying to say that they weren’t the one posting, they just saw other people doing so. You’re not really saving them if they weren’t the one making the mistake in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:


ohh! I am not very good in English, I just misunderstood him.