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A query regarding withdrawl from fiverr


Hello guys !!! Hope you all are doing fine. I have to apply for fiverr revenue card but it will take at least 30 days to arrive and and want to withdraw some fiverr balance now. As we all know that paypal is not working in Pakistan hence I want to use my uncle’s paypal account to transfer fiverr money which is Uk registered.
Suggest me kindly is that way secure to use?
And doest it violate any term or condition of fiverr?

Your suggestion and information will be very much helpful for me.

Thank you.


Hi there,
You can use the payoneer Bank Transfer Service to withdraw your funds. Add a local bank account to your Payoneer account and then activate it from your Fiverr account. Then you can use the Bank Transfer as your Fiverr Withdrawal method and your revenue will be in your local bank account within minutes


It is better to contact CC first instead of getting suggestions from here.
They will tell you everything properly.


Thanks dear !!! Your suggestion is logical and I am doing the same.
So nice of you


Thanks dear :heart_eyes: