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A question about Buyer's Request [Solved]



I am new at Fiverr, just joined today in fact. I have a question about the Buyer’s Request tab, in my screen i can only choose 1 sub categories (Photoshop Editing) and nothing else, this results to offers being very scarce for me. I waited for 1 hour and there are only 2 Buyer’s Request to appear.

Can someone help me solve this problem? thank you in advance


Fiverr doesn’t let you see buyer requests from categories where you don’t have gigs, so the only way to see buyer requests from more categories currently is to create new (active) gigs in those categories, then reload the buyer requests page.


You can create similar Gigs (not exactly same) in different categories to see buyers request of different Categories.


Ohh i see thank you for your information :slight_smile: