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A question about change gig title

**Hi all, I hope everyone is fine. **
Should I change my GIG title for used a missing letter/ wrong title words? is there have any problem for this? as like view, order or gig ranks? :frowning: :thinking: expert help needed.

as for example, I created this I WILL DESIGN YOUR LOGO MANUALLY . Gig about LOGO but that saved as LOG. and ‘O’ is missing. after I have changed to LOGO but I am confused for that.

kindly Regards,

Khalid. (MKS)

Hi, what are you talking about, your titles look fine.
Changing your title doesn’t make a difference on views or ranking.
I edit my gigs all the time and it’s good
You can check my gig.

Before you do anything, I suggest you go read the Terms of Service more closely. (If you’re going to edit your gigs anyway, you might as well make them TOS compliant.)

thank you for an important information.

Yes! You are right! Thank you for your information.

Are you talking about your URL? As soon as you publish your gig, that becomes set for life. You can change your gig’s title, but its URL will always stay the same.

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