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A question about changing a review in the resolution center

A client left 4.4 stars by mistake and wants to change it to 5.

I was about to send him the request for review modification in the resolution center but see that it says it will make my gig rank lower. I’ve never tried using it before.

Can he change it by simply changing the stars on the review without me sending the resolution center message to him?


No that doesn’t work anymore.


So if I use the resolution center will it affect where my gig shows up?


That would be a question for CS :wink:


I have the same problem CS ensure me it’s not affect profile negatively . And you can use resolutions for modify review once for one order

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I have faced the same problem.

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Your buyer needs to contact the Customer Support and you need to inform the same to the Customer Support. Resolution Centre doesn’t have anything like that.

After you gave permission to the buyer when contacted by Customer Support, the buyer can change the review. But, you have to be 100% sure first that the buyer will improve the rating (5 stars) and not decrease it further.

Only Customer Support can give the ability to the buyer to change the review but upon your confirmation.

Go ahead and contact the CS and ask the buyer to contact the support too.


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