A question about creating a gig of Photoshop editing


Hi, everybody!

I’m starting on Fiverr and I have a doubt:

In the “File Format” section do I have to put the formats I admit to work or what image formats I will send to my client?


Photoshop is highly competitive and you clearly can translate your writing and ours into English.

So lets address the elephant in the room , your profile states you speak Spanish only.

Add English to your list.

Then move onto the file formats : which can your system produce ?

If all of them great list them all , if your unwilling to provide .psd files or similar you can list that also.

Some people use different editing software and don’t use photoshop directly for those having this list is really useful /(though I think that’s probably the most useless list of format delivery around Just my opinion of course)

Best luck to you in your photoshop gig from your friendly competition.

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Reply to @scottmcfadden: OK! Then only the formats which I can work. Thank you very much.

I only speak a little English, but I’ll put it, as you recommended me.

Thanks again.

A greeting


Reply to @tsk0092:

Your welcome and I do hope you see loads more work then I get.