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A question about erotic models?

I have a friend who works in adult industry as a model.
She asked me if she can add her gig under my name.

Can I add this gig under my name?
Second question: what is the limitation?
I mean can I say model for adult entertainment industries in the gig?
She wants to make videos, pics for adult websites, but no nudity, just sexy clothes.


You can read fiverr TOS it’s all said there about adult content.

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I read that, it says “pornography” but I’m not sure if sexy pics “not completely nude” like bikini or something is counted as pornography!
Also I’m not sure if I can add “for adult websites” in the gig.

Your best bet is going to be to run this one by Customer Support. People here can advise you, but even if it’s something they’ve done themselves, you don’t know how Customer Support are going to interpret your specific request. It would probably be better to get told ‘no’ up-front than invest a significant amount of work in creating gigs, only to have them removed (plus, if this happens, chances are Fiverr will close your account and ban you from opening a new one).

My gut says you won’t be allowed to do this, but as I say, ultimately CS can give you a definitive yes or no.

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It says no violence and no nudity you can check similar gigs on photography niche for what is allowed on the platform

I offer translations here, and I have been asked to translate adult websites before.
I got worried and asked the Fiverr CS staff, and they told me offering a translation for
an adult website is OK since I am not the one offering adult services, I’m only offering translations. I know my case is different from your friend’s situation, but asking CS would not hurt at all.

Thing is though, let’s say you contacted CS, they tell you it’s not a problem for your friend to create a gig, but even if your friend makes it clear in the gig description that she will NOT be offering nude photos, I can easily imagine all the dirty messages she will be getting from nasty buyers. I’m assuming your friend is an attractive lady, I’m not sure if your friend would want to go through the troublesome situation of blocking all of those messages.

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