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A question about how to handle a buyer


What do you guys do when you have a buyer that repeatedly orders and demands extra work but refuses to pay for an extra, even repeatedly threatening to leave a bad review if I don’t fulfill her requests? I have a buyer that is out of control. She orders (a bunch today, for example) and demands that I deliver “Extra Fast,” but absolutely refuses to pay for the “Extra Fast” delivery, stating that she will leave a negative review if I don’t deliver what she needs “by tonight,” or “by tomorrow morning.” I’ve asked her multiple times to purchase the extra if she really wants to ensure she gets her order moved to the top of my pile, and she always responds that she doesn’t think she should have to pay for it (citing that she is a repeat buyer, so I should make her a priority).

I know I created this monster by always making sure she gets her orders–but it’s become too much. Any suggestions? Can I block her? Will Customer Support help with issues like these?


I’m not sure how much Customer support can help, but I guess it’s

worth giving a shot. Be sure to attach a screen shot of the threatening messages

she has sent you, and you can also ask for mutual cancellation.

If I were you, I will point out to her that whether she is a repeat buyer or not,

the amount of work you need to put in to finish the gig is always the same, and that she will not get any discounts of any kind since that would be unfair for the other buyers who pay the full amount. ( I have mentioned this to my buyers in the past)

Not sure if this will help or not, but good luck!!


Like zeus777 said, I would explain that even as a repeat buyer, no favouritism is shown. I’ve had buyers demand quicker delivery without ordering the extra. I state that if they would like me to guarantee it to pay for the extra, otherwise, I do them in order in my queue. If they’re not happy with either then they are welcome to cancel their order. I also make it clear that I will not take being threatened and that any behaviour of that kind is reported to Customer Support (I then report it if they continue).

Definitely take screenshots and send them to Customer Support. It’s about time that they do something about these buyers. It may be worth taking a screenshot or copying the wording from the TOS where this isn’t allowed. I’ve found that doing that in the past has helped.


I give them one chance to be reasonable. I simply state that if time is of the essence I have an extra fast delivery option available. And then I ignore–unless of course they request cancellation. I refuse to spend my valuable work time going back and forth with a ridiculous buyer. Once I’ve done the work, if they threaten a negative review (or go so far as to leave one), I report it to CS.


You should cancel her orders! It’s not worth the stress, or negative review. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.