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A question about LEVEL 2 RANK!


Hi, Fiverr!

I have a silly question. My account was created in December. I wasn’t active for a couple of months. Now I am almost near to complete my 50 sales.

My question is: If I complete 50 sales now, can I get level 2 seller status? Here is the profile

Thanks in Advance.


You will find information about levels and much more if you check out the


Same thing happened to me. I went on a looooong vacation for almost a year due to family issues while at level one (around 25 orders). When I came back and filled the requirements to be assigned the Level 2 badge (the additional 25 orders to reach the total of 50), they gave it me right away.


I have Currently delivered more than 110 Orders but still Level 1 seller. You need to complete 50 Orders within 2 months to reach at Level 2. There are also some other factors involved such as ratings & cancellation rate etc.


You are right! To reach level 2 you need to achieve 50 orders within (at least) 2 months and maintain a 4,5 positive rating. Your ratings are excellent, is there any issue with your cancellation record that prohibits you from reaching Level 2? Or any warnings you’ve received?

I came online on April 12th 2017 after almost a year and around 25 orders. I got my badge 2 on April 29th after completing the additional 25 ones, 17 days after. I don’t know what is with your case


dont worry my friend i guess it will work fine just complete your 50 orders and you will be lvl 2 saller :sunglasses:


I’ve taken multiple vacations and for almost a year I didn’t do any orders, but when I delivered my 50th order I got my badge instantly. So I don’t know about the 2 months rule, but if you have a high cancellation rate then this is definitely a factor.


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Hello @onlinepro94
your profile is vary good position just complete 50 order and you will get level 2 seller status…soon…

just work hard, and make happy your buyers…

best of luck for your future…

Best regards,


Actually, i got my Level 1 on 26th March, a bit late due to some initial cancellations. Now everything is fine on my end, just waiting for 2 months completion, hopefully 26th may will bring some Good news for me.


Best of luck in reaching Level 2 soon :slight_smile:


Sad to hear from you. Did you get any warnings?


Thank you so muchh. :blush::blush:


Thanks. Will try my best. :blush:


So sad. Why did they ban your account?


Great to know that. :slight_smile:


No, I have not completed two months after getting level 1.


Did you contact CS team? Did they tell you this?


No they have not told me anything. I guess this is the reason, As one should complete 50 Orders in two months. My 2 months will be completed a week later.


I don’t think so. I just got level 2 rank today! :heart_eyes: