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A Question About Leveling Up


I do know that in order to be Level 1, a Seller must have 10 sales within a month and Level 2 requires 50 sales within 2 months. My question is, how is “a month” counted? That is, is it from the 1st of the month through the last of the month?

Or is it specific to each person? Like, I posted my gigs on Feb 19th, so would Feb 19th be day one or would the day I got my first gig be day one? And is the “month” a rolling month? For instance, since I didn’t get 10 sales between Feb 19th and March 19th, if I got 10 within the month after I did my 2nd gig (which would be Mar 4th-Apr 4th, in my case), would THAT count as 10 sales in a month?

I hope this’ not too confusing, but I explained it as best I could.


I’ve never thought about those questions but since fiverr analytics goes from the first day of each month to the last, it is probably ten sales per calendar month.

If you posted a gig on February 19 you would have until the end of February to get 10 sales if you were trying to make level one in the same month you posted the gig.


That does make sense; it would majorly suck for me, though, since I didn’t hit my stride until late in the month and therefore don’t know if I’ll make it this month, either.

I’ll just keep on keeping on and doing my best, regardless.


Yes! Don’t give up! You’ll hit the Level 1 in no time! :slight_smile: Congrats on the success!


Thank you so much! I’m trying to remain positive.