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A question about "Out of office feature"


Hello friends,

I have a question

Currently, I am getting around 500 impressions per day on one of my gig and due to this, I am getting around 2 orders per day (Maybe 3 or 4 sometimes). but from last few days my health is not good and I want to take the rest for 2-3 days so I want to switch on the Out of office mode for next 2-3 days but I am frightened of losing this order flow after I get well and removing the “Out of office” mode.

Please help by shareing your experiance about Out of office mode


Will i get the same order flow and impression as before?


Whenever I go “out of office” it takes me some time, days or weeks, to get back the regular flow of orders.

You have a steady income and it would be a shame to stop that. Perhaps you could limit the orders per time or extend your delivery time instead?
But your heath comes first and you have to do what is best for you!


Thanks for the suggestions. Its really helpful