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A question about the "buyer requests" site


Hey. :slight_smile: On the “buyer requests” site I see many people that don’t request a service but rather want to sell a service. Is this intended to be that way or is it not allowed? I don’t want to do something that isn’t allowed. (Posting a service in the “buyer requests” site) So I’m asking. Thanks for the help.


No!!! Don´t try to sell there, can even get your account suspended!

Look here. :slight_smile:


I’m happy I asked. I love this community so much!


What I wonder @miiila, Is this a error or? How is it possible that people sell on the buyer request… I don’t understand that…


I guess they might have made the system differently if there were no people who were both seller and buyer, but as that exists, the dashboard is the same there, you can post a BR if you´re a seller, and as you know, if something can be done, there will be people doing it, nevermind if they aren´t supposed to. :wink: The TOS are clear on that though. It´s not an error, but sellers not having read, or not having understood, the TOS and the way BR is supposed to work.


Thanks for the explain @miiila :slight_smile: