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A Question About Videos


I’ve read time and again here on the Forums that it’s best to have videos on gigs. Fiverr also pushes for it whenever a gig is created. I agree with the reasoning, but still have a question – What if the quality of the video is bad? The cam I currently have at my disposal is a cheap one I got at a pawn shop a year or so ago*, so the video is grainy. The audio is good and since my gigs are nearly all audio-related, I hope that’s a plus in my direction, but I still can’t help but wonder if the poor quality of my videos may negate any positivity gained from having them.

*I also cannot get a better cam at this time, nor is borrowing or renting one an option. Neither do I feel the need to beg, borrow, or steal (not literally, just saying) a cam just to do a handful of videos for my gigs. Also, I prefer to have myself performing the actual gig that I’m advertising, so I don’t want a picture video that, while relevant, is less personal.


This is a matter of hot debate :slight_smile:

There are those of us who feel that a video detracts in some cases. This applies to bad videos and to gigs where videos are irrelevant.

So I think definitely if it’s a bad video it’s not going to help you. However, if you do audio gigs it doesn’t make sense to have a sound-only file so a good video would probably help. Maybe you could put a slide show type video with audio over it?


Thank you for that; I was really concerned about the bad quality of my videos, but also didn’t want to take a chance on just not having any. Perhaps I’ll try the slide show idea and see how it goes.


The best way to correct grainy video is to have as much light as possible. Bring every light you have into the room :slight_smile: Graininess is often just the camera trying to compensate for low light. Might help :slight_smile: I think having people see your face helps a lot - on a person to person marketplace like Fiverr, having that personal touch can make all the difference. But if all else fails, yes, the slideshow idea is a great fallback :smiley:


Thank you for that, as well, Rachel. I’ve only been on here as a seller for a week or so, so I know it’s slow-going at this point; I just didn’t want anything else that could work against me.


It depends on what you’re selling.

If it’s videos, then I’d be sure it has a regular, high quality video. If you are selling our voice but no video, then a quality picture video is appropriate.

Tons of people in the VO categories have picture videos (including me). I’m selling my voice, so in my category it works well. (YMMV)

Find a great photo of yourself (or a set of them), add some great audio and start there until you have some sales and then upgrade.

Alternately, if you are going to include a full video, it makes perfect sense to borrow one from someone you know. Nearly all smartphones today have decent video, and the last thing you want is someone distracted by “just OK” video when what you are selling is your voicing/reading/singing. It’s too easy to click on 5 others in a category to compare.

One of the bigger factors: “What are your peers in your category doing?” If they have killer good looking full motion videos, then it’s helpful if you do too…

In my mind a “just OK” video is worse than a good looking photo video, BUT try both and see which sells better.

All that said, there are many paths to success, so if the current is working for you, then keep it. IF sales are slower than you like, there’s a place to make a change.


Thank you SO much for that well-written response, Lisa; I feel MUCH better about the prospect of a picture video now and confident I can put one of those together; if not, I can enlist my boyfriend’s aid, as he makes/edits most of our band videos and at this point, they’re mostly picture videos.