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A question about withdraw balance into Payoneer

Hello! I am very new to Fiverr, and in 5 days an amount of some works that I successfully completed will be settled. The issue is now with the withdrawing. I read that Fiverr, with Payoneer, sends you a prepaid card equal to that of Payoneer (but that is from Fiverr) and here is the question: I know that you can choose the option to withdraw it directly to the Payoneer prepaid card, but I don’t still have that card, and I was going to use the balance to withdraw to be able to request it by DHL express, and thus have it available for the following and future payments. What I want is to withdraw it directly to my Payoneer account. To the balance that is reflected in the same account. I don’t want the Fiverr card nor can I withdraw it to my payoneer card because I don’t have it yet (Don’t tell me about PayPal because I don’t have it). The thing now would be with the option of bank deposit, with the Payoneer symbol, but it is that I read and it implies that the money goes or to payoneer so that it goes there, to my local bank account (I’m not a USA residenter), or directly to the latter. I want it to go directly to my Payoneer account, not to my local bank, nor to a Fiverr card because I don’t want to ask for it.

I don’t know if that option is available and I get confused with the explanations Fiverr gives. Isn’t that option possible? If so, what steps should I take? I hope to Fiverr respond my question.

Thank you!

If you have linked your Payoneer account, you can withdraw to the Fiverr revenue card and it will go to your Payoneer account, whether you have the physical card or not. The bank transfer option is for your local bank only, not Payoneer, although they have the same icons

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