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A question for Blockchain and other tech writers

What’s the best place online for tech stock images?

I don’t mind paying a little

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I use Pixabay for all my images - the images are both free and royalty free, and you do not need to provide attribution. They currently have over 200 free images for blockchain (although several of those are Bitcoin specific)


I’ve always been under the impression that the liscense of pixabay images is suspect. As in, a lot of stuff labeled cc0 that’s not

I’ve never had an issue… But you may want to do a reverse image search for due diligence.

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I also use Pixabay, it’s such a great platform for free-to-use stock images. Pexels could also come in hand, it’s another free to use platform that includes the CCO license.


Well this is blooming fantastic.

Go for it boys. Wave all our trade secrets around. Then watch as the mek-sellers rush in and Pixabay, and Grammarly et al, start upping prices due to exponential influxes of new users.

I’ll shake this up a bit by saying use all of the above but also use GIMP.

GIMP is an opensource Photoshop-like software package which you can use to customize all the identical free images we all seem to be selling, by slapping on client logos and text effects.

Now, ssshhh!

The last thing we need around here is more competition.


I’m not writing any blockchain / crypto-related stuff at the moment, so that’s one less competitor :slight_smile:

Then your a saboteur! Shame on you, Mr. Maplesden!


Hahaha… well, first of all, I don’t really have any competition… cause I really don’t know anyone who creates content like I do. I know they exist. but are you really worried about the low effort content creator using the same image as you?

Also, GIMP is like rocket science to me. (I’m stuck on pinta atm)

And yes, I’ll continue to up my prices, because I still spend like 5x more time than what I charge for… no one is going to pay me a livable wage until I get my review count up.

p.s. EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT PIXABAY. I just didn’t realize it was a reliable place to get tech images that aren’t falsely taged cc0

It is to me too. That’s why every day I end up typing “remove image background in Gimp” into Google. - Also, I have still not figured out (after 6-years) how to change and select colors.

I have just made a super snazzy logo for my new site using Gimp though. - And a little help from the big G.

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like, you pray a lot for help with gimp?

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No. When I pray, it is to apologize to that big G, for my continued service to the other big G.

AKA: The one with the 666 postcode… :frowning:

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I’d be happy if duckduckgo would up their game