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A Question For My Fellow Writers

Let me make a hypothetical scenario. Someone asks you to write a satirical post about a topic. While writing it, you look online to see if there are similar posts and find one. You decide that it would be a great idea for this post to expand on the previous post that was written years and years prior. You make the content 100% unique, making it a follow-up segment of the previous post, adding all new and original content aside from the name and base of the story. Plagiarism checkers say it’s fine, and you wrote new content that makes this original and fascinating. It’s also not uncommon and is labeled as Fair Use under the US Copyright Act under Parody,

Sooo… did you do something wrong? Because I don’t see anything wrong with this, and neither do any of my freelance friends.

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I’m not a professional writer but that part about it being parody is not true according to what you said. You are not openly identifying the original article and parodying it, just using it for inspiration it sounds like which is perfectly ok since it’s all original writing on your part.

edit: It sounds like you are including the previous post and indeed parodying it. So that would be ok.


I agree, I just don’t understand what the issue could possibly be.

Why do you think there would be an issue with it?

My only hesitation is that parody usually is of someone well known. I’m not clear on if this is allowed if the thing you are parodying is not well known.

I don’t think there is an issue, but someone else thinks there is. Idk, I think this whole thing is a non-issue