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A question on my gig

Hello everyone, I would like to find out if it mostly takes more than 24 hours to see your gig on Fiver? I just created my new gig on the platform but I am not seeing any buyer request at all.

Does Fiverr run some background checks before your gig goes live?


It’s probably nothing to do with background checks. Your gig is active so it’s probably just not found any new requests in the subcategory of your gig that don’t already have a particular amount of offers sent to them.

You can try refreshing the BR page a few times a day.

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Hello, there. as a newbie please be patient. you will get buyer request as specific time. find your specific time following your country. follow your country fiverr community groups . best of luck.

It often takes 48 hours or more.

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Please clarify this statement. Does this mean I would be getting buyer request from my Geo location? I just hope it’s not. But if it’s so, how come others are getting request from various parts of the world?

I see, thank you very much. I am relieved.

Thank you very much for the info.

Also, Fiverr lets ten sellers from each level apply for a Buyer Request. That means that since new sellers depend so heavily on Buyer Requests to make a go with their business the requests disappear fast! so, check on them many times a day.

Once you are a level one there used to be more buyer requests than for new sellers, but now I am a level 2 seller and I do not see as many as I used to see either. On the other hand the number of sellers on Fiverr had doubled since the pandemic hit so the platform is oversaturated.


This really makes sense. Thank you very much for the advice. But I would like to find out if you do use the super easy auto refresh chrome extension tool. This is what I currently use on my Fiverr page.

Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.)


I used to substitute teach and used a refresher tool to be notified when jobs were available. When I started working on Fiverr, I had to remove it, because Fiverr frequently would kick me off the site because of the auto refresher. So, it is best not to use one. I find I still get the little ping sound when I get a message from Fiverr even without the refresher.

Also, if you use the Fiverr App on your phone you will be notified of any messages.

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