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A question on Payoneer

I can’t find where I have read it, but is it true that once you choose to get a Payoneer card and use it as payment method, you will not be longer able to send your earnings here to Paypal?

No it’s no true. You will go to the revenue page and then press whichever you chose.

OK, thank you. Think I’ll try that card thingy then.

I know that you can’t have a Payoneer card and bank direct deposit at the same time.

Oh, okay. I thought it was something like that.
I will go for Payoneer as I then can also transfer my Amazon income to it.

I only have paypal and bank transfer in revenue section
How can I use fiverr revenue card and payoneer?

I just signed up for it. You only have to click the button on the revenue page and follow the link in the e-mail you receive. The approval is very quick. I already linked my Amazon account to it. It’s much better than receiving checks.