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A Question on the Cost of Cancellation and Reordering

I need some real advice from someone who knows how this works. I have an order for $120 from a buyer (a custom order). But I feel I can’t complete the order in the scheduled time, so I want to offer him a mutual cancellation and send him a custom offer with a higher delivery time. The buyer is a regular, and won’t mind it. But I don’t want him to bear the cost of the cancellation and reordering, and so want to offer him a discount on the $120 order equal to that. So, if this cost is $10, I will send him a $110 custom order for the same work. Can someone tell me how much cancelling and reordering an order would cost a buyer on a $120 order?

It does no cost anything to buyer. Fiverr returns the same money in account. Fiverr does not charge the processing fee next time. I am telling you from my own experience as a fiverr buyer. I personally ask my buyers to purchase a gig extra and increase the number of days. My buyers do not mind buying an extra gig, so it works pretty well😊

Oh, it costs the buyer nothing? Are you sure?

If he pays with Fiverr credit, he won’t be charged the processing fee.

Alternatively, you could do some of the work (I’m guessing this is a batch of articles) and deliver, with the rest to be delivered by whatever date your buyer agrees to. As for the cancel/refund question, I think you can go all the way up to $120 any be fine with no extra fees as he’ll be paying with credit. I’d just keep this order, make a deal with the seller and “deliver” something with the rest to come whenever. It’s easier, and they can request a mod to keep it on your to-do list. All a bit iffy mind, I’d only do that with a regular buyer who’s chill!

I guess you didn’t check out the new Cancellation feature that allows you to extend the delivery time instead of asking for mutual cancellation.

Great advice everyone, thanks.

So, what did you do? How did it go? <nosy>

Really? Interesting. I’ll have to test it on a regular seller (I mean, I won’t extend the date, I just want to see how it works should I ever actually need to use it…). Have you used it?

Yes, fiverr returns the money as it is and do not charge processing fee next time. Earlier I used to think in the same manner but I learnt it when I started buying.

He has made two big orders. Will deliver the first big order next week and then ask him to accept an extra for $5 with a higher delivery time :slight_smile:

If the buyer paid for your order with Fiverr credit he won’t be charged any processing fee. Even if he paid with his own money he will get all of it back when you agree to mutually cancel. But if he is buying again he will be charged a processing fee if he use his own money.

I do the opposite. I ask to accept a gig offer for late delivery😊
I only try this method when buyer needs extra time to obtain information etc.