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A question related Gig Limits!

Hey all!
It’s Ubaid here,
I just want to know why is there a specific limit for gigs according to level status?


Expert person will get more facilities it is normal.

I think they just need something to reward you with. I suspect that down the road they will limit the amount of gigs a seller can have. Seems to lead to duplicate gig abuse and a saturated market.

I think it is because as you become a higher level you earn more trust from Fiverr so they give you the ability to make more gigs.

I agree with @samwrightwrites about the saturated market. There are many posts each day about sellers wanting to be on the first page of the search when in all reality that is not possible.


Hi Ubaid,

Normally, users don’t ask why, but how many can be created per level. Being so, please let me return you the question, because I’m really intrigued with yours.

How many gigs do you need to start woking on Fiverr and really, really, really can handle, guaranteeing optimum quality, on-time delivery and A+ customer support?


The reason is if there is no limit for people to create gigs people will spam hundreds of gigs with different keywords over fiverr to get orders, fiverr prevent this by puting limit onto each level, once you proved you actually can sell you’ll be promoted to the next level to create more gigs.