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A quick question about delivery

So a buyer gave me an order yesterday due in 24 hours. It was to complete 6 mini songs. All I had to do was add some midi piano to their vocals. They made them up on the spot (not preprepared) and so we did not finish it in the allotted time yesterday. We agreed that they would send the remaining 2 (I had done 4) midday today and I would get back to them in my specific working hours when I could finish it. I then sent a request to extend the delivery by another 24 hours so I could work in the evening. THE BUYER HASN’T ACCEPTED IT!!! In the last 12 hours, they sent one of the vocals and I have just completed them. I have messaged numerous times but they must be asleep now. Is it all right that I delivered the 5th on to stop the clock? I told them in the delivery that I will do a 6th. I have never got a late delivery and I don’t want to start now. Please give me some advice, Thanks



No, it is not okay. It is against the rules of Fiverr to do this. All deliveries must be completed work. You will likely get a warning from Fiverr for any attempt to deliver just to “stop the clock”. Don’t do it.


but they didn’t send me the work or accept the afore agreed upon offer to extend. I also opened up a formal dispute that extends the delivery by a day. Surely if I don’t have the work because of them, I can’t be to blame

You are, however – according to Fiverrs terms of service – 100% to blame if you process a delivery just to “stop the clock”. You can’t do that, no matter how upset you may be with the buyer.


So i ahould risk my perfect delivery rate and my being on the first page just because a new buyer doesn’t get how Fiverr works?

You are not allowed to process a delivery just to “stop the clock”. You cannot cheat your buyer just to try and stay on the first page of the search results. There are no valid excuses that allow you to break the rules.

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Having an order go late isn’t as bad as getting a Fiverr warning because of an empty delivery which (like has been said) is against the TOS. Two warnings of the same type can get your account suspended. So don’t make an empty delivery to stop the clock.

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