A quick question to the translators out there!


I hope this is in the right category, I’d like to ask a question to all the translators working here

at Fiverr. I myself offer translation gigs too, and every now and then I am asked to translate contents for websites

which is not a problem at all, but for such gigs, the buyer always sent me a link of the website so I can get a

good feel of what the site is like, AND they also send me a text/word file of all the contents they need to get


Just today, I got an order from a buyer, and what she did was sent me the link to the website, asking me to

translate “whatever information that can be translated.” Just the link, that’s it. I copied/pasted the texts from

the website, did a brief word count, and the words quickly added up to nearly 2000, but she paid for 400.

My guess is that she “eyeballed” the amount of texts from the website thinking it was around 400 or so.

I don’t mind working on this gig as long as she pays me the right amount, but I wanted to ask you all,

have you worked on a website translation, given just the link??

Isn’t it hard to do so? Or was I just being super lucky the past 3 years, getting buyers who kindly provided me

the text/word files each time?

And if you have worked on translations without the text file, how did you do it?? :-?