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A quick rant so I don't try to hit something

I have just started on Fiverr and gotten 5 star reviews for all my work. I deliver on time, I follow all they buyers’ instructions and I am always courteous and respond quickly.

Now here comes a buyer that orders a gig, stops communicating with me after I’ve done all the requirements and asked if anything else is needed, and then after I mark the order complete, leaves me a 3 star review with just the word ‘Seller’ under it. I asked if I had done something wrong, if there was any way I could have improved the service, and of course, no response at all.

I haven’t done much work, and my reviews are what lead people to take a chance on me. It was very hard to get these first few gigs, and now people are going to come on my profile and think I do mediocre work.

Try Customer Support and ask to remove the review as it isn’t a fair reflection of you service (make your case!), this buyer is obviously a bit “special”. If that doesn’t work, I think most people reading that review will see your response v their nonsensical review and side with you. It’s not great, but it’s not awful. Good luck!

I’m afraid you get these types of people from time to time and I think more so when you are new on Fiverr. I don’t think Fiverr will remove this (just my opinion as I’ve never managed to get a bad review removed). However, by responding and asserting that you offer full revisions etc, genuine people who don’t have spoons for brains will likely pass this review over.

It sounds like you do give your best work on each project. We need more people like you on fiverr!

Don’t be spoonist!

You still have great other reviews and I think your response to this buyer’s review was measured, honest, and will be encouraging for future buyers who read it (though, honestly, I feel like most buyers just look at your aggregate score and don’t actually read the reviews). You can definitely ask CS to take a look at the case, but, and I’m not saying this to be discouraging, unless that buyer threatened you or did something else hinky, they probably won’t do anything about this review. Getting a review removed when the buyer just kind of left it without communicating with you at all is pretty difficult. Heck, it’s difficult to get a review removed even if the buyer did outright threaten/blackmail you.

All that said, I know it’s frustrating to get a bad review, especially with no warning or explanation from the buyer, but don’t let it discourage you. There is a huge demand for competent writers on Fiverr and the fact that you offer 24 hr. delivery and a pretty high word count means you’re going to get a lot of attention.

I agree. I did this a lot in my first few months. Either customers would leave a bad review that did not make any sense or they would cancel the order before giving me a chance to remedy their issue. In every case it was clear to Fiverr support that the buyer was either trying to get services for free or were not being fair to sellers. In each case the review was removed or the cancel penalty was removed. It doesn’t hurt to open a ticket and see if something can be done.

Annoying I know but if CS don’t do anything about it just let it go, it happens here unfortunately.

Well I tried and they said there’s nothing they can do about it :confused:

Thanks for the responses though, guys. I appreciate it. Guess I’ll just have to move on.

Yeah, seems I will have to.

you still have a day just cancel the order… by going to seller section and click on unresponsive seller…
your review is worth more than 5$
so if your order cancels your review is also removed this case it is better to have 100% rating then earning 5$…
i hope this helps thanks

Take a look at this buyer’s one review on his gig. I’m sorry this happened to you.

That buyer is also a seller on Fiverr. With 20% overall rating.