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A quick skill to learn

Hello I’ve decided to learn a new skill which can be learn in short amount of time and also has good scope in freelancing. Any recommendations?

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Define a short amount of time.


There is nothing which can be gained so easily or with consuming little time. If you want to be a professional and want to let your buyers know that you stand out from the crowd with excellence, you have to struggle and make yourself gradually. I am sorry to say that there is no alternative to spending a lot of time to get skilled.

You have to spend a lot of time in any field you want to get skilled.


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Two months or three months maximum?

Full-time, Part-time, one hour per day?
What skills do you currently work out of?
Is there something you already do that you could improve on in that time?

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15 Minutes, or 10. $5 jobs should be kept in this time frame. Probably it was in the forum where it was said.

I’m currently looking for a real life job and I’ve plenty of time until I find it so yeah full time. I spent some time learning digital marketing (3 to 4 months) but I left midway coz I don’t have technical background. I was thinking to learn to provide accurate translation.

That isn’t an easy job. Maybe you focus on improving your affiliate marketing site (your blog) by doing that you will learn a lot of skills which later on you can offer them here on Fiverr.


Yeah I forgot about that. I’ll consider thinking about that.

Yeah, translation is not something to just “pick up” in a few months. It can also be an extremely tedious job!
That said, if you focus on translating into your native language most people can certainly do a passable job but there is a difference between that and what is usually expected from clients.

Full time for 3 months is basically equivalent to one college year if you actually use it properly and focus on one subject.
With that in mind, you could certainly do a wide variety of things depending on whether you have a budget or not. @gig_freak’s suggestion is not a bad one but I would suggest being more focused than that and specializing in one or two aspects of improving a site/blog. Also remember that most “affiliate marketers” are a pain to work for - demanding instant results for low capital. I actually won’t work with them on SEO or marketing. Focus on “real” businesses/websites, that actually sell something.

Digital marketing does not require a technical background. If what was being taught then you did well to skip it. There are people who specialize in technical stuff and those who focus on front end and customer focused areas. My brother is extremely technically minded but would not have a clue about digital marketing. I am more or less the opposite. Knowing some basics, capabilities etc can be useful but in terms of how to do technical stuff, there is not a lot necessary.


Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll consider thinking about this too!

Yep. Didn’t explain my self that good. My idea was that if he focuses on improving his website, he can learn a lot of skills which then he might offer here.

@zeeshan_tirmizi mentioned that he did some affiliate marketing and sold two laptops the previous month.


If you decide to choose your career by doing the Freelance job I recommend you to learn Photoshop well :wink: Then you can choose any subject to study deeply. No matter what you choose Photoshop knowledge will help you :wink:

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