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A Quick Thank You to the Fiverr Team - Reached 2,000 Orders

My name is Levi and I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to the Fiverr team. I’ve been selling on Fiverr since January of this year (2015, in case this post gets necro’d in the future), and while I’ve been vocal about a few negative experiences, I haven’t taken the time to say thanks.

So thank you, truly.

Thank you for giving me a platform to work from home.

Thank you for giving me more time with my three kids.

Thank you for making me a featured seller and giving me the opportunity to write for people.

Thank you for letting me rant and complain when things seem overwhelming.

Thank you for giving me the power to pay my bills, provide for my family and live a very exciting life.

Thank you for helping me succeed.

I’ve done in a lot since January, which just culminated in my passing 2,000 orders. For those keeping track, that’s a lot of orders each and every day, only four of which I’ve had the misfortune to be rated poorly on. I’m not too proud to say (as @Fonthaunt will tell you–she keeps me in line), that I’ve averaged an amazing $41 per order in that time, and it continues to grow exponentially.

For those hoping to succeed here, it can be done. It takes hard work, dedication and passion for your craft. You won’t always like changes or fellow sellers (and definitely a few buyers), but if you care enough about your success, you can make it happen; with a little help from Fiverr.

I work exclusively on Fiverr and I will continue to do so as long as they’ll have me. I wish you all the best, and I thank both sellers and buyers alike for your continued support.

Warm regards,


Hey that’s awesome, congrats!

Hello, Just approaching my first 100(completed) jobs

Levi, I feel you deserve to be a top rated seller. I hope you get designated that status real soon!!! Congrats on your achievement so far on the platform!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I know how hard you work because I do the same type of gig as yourself. I only do a fraction of the orders you complete on a daily basis, and I’m exhausted! I see you’re approaching 1,000 reviews on your most popular gig, which is amazing, and your reviews are consistently full of praise for your talent and caring attitude toward your customers. Good luck to you - if anyone deserves TRS, it’s you!

Nice job, my forum nemesis! :wink: Keep it going!

Amazing Levi! Congratulations and wishing you a speedy promotion to TRS :slight_smile:

That’s amazing! Congratulations!

Thank you both!


You are an inspiration, the money you make with two gigs is amazing, not to mention the great service you provide to your clients. Congrats.

I laughed when i saw this gig. i don’t know why

Reply to @theratypist: I’ll cross my fingers. Until then I’ll just keep grinding. Thanks for the kind words!

Reply to @valanne: That was very thoughtful and I appreciate it. Makes me feel good to hear such kind responses.

Reply to @swahilipro: Nowadays sellers benefit from a “tip” function that comes with every basic gig. When that seller created that gig, it was probably before there was a tip function, so most sellers used up a gig slot to “buy me coffee” or “have lunch with me” in hopes of getting a $4 tip. :slight_smile: Lucky sellers today get all their gig slots for gigs!