A random thought


Even since I’ve seen Dixie’s drag queen video, I’ve been having some ideas…

Maybe I’ll ask her to create a sassy and “listen up ya’all!” type of message to new sellers.
You need to work hard, be patient, and be professional if you want success.
No cheating, no copying, and no stealing.
I bet she can nail those lines with her hand on her hips and maybe add a finger snap.

Just thinking out loud here.

I am aware that it ain’t gonna change anything but I think it will be
simply entertaining…or will be considered a “hate” video???

I think it’s safe to say that we all hate cheaters, thieves, and liars though…


Telling someone that they need to earn their success is not “hate speech”… it’s common sense. :wink:


I kinda had the feeling that some people might take it as hate speech, but you are right.
Oh this is going to be fun…I need to contact Dixie after work today! :heart_eyes:


I would love to see that.It could just be for sellers period. Because even not so new sellers still do not get it.


I just sent her a message asking her some questions :slight_smile:
Oh this is going to be so fun :rofl:
Even if it might not help the situation at all and I will continue to see those help me posts, I think it’s still worth it.


Some might accuse you that you’re too harsh, you should be gentle with them, their lives are difficult and they don’t speak English well and find it hard to understand the rules… They’ve read somewhere that they should take other people’s images and copy their descriptions, and they just want to feed their families…

Can’t wait to see that video! :smile_cat:

Will you let us post it whenever we see a meksell post, liars, and thieves? :smiley_cat:


Yeah, I hear you, as much as I don’t enjoy seeing certain sellers complaining about certain things and taking certain actions, I want this video to be very comical.
I’ll make sure to let Miss Dixie know that I want the video to be fun. BUT with some attitude! :wink:

Yes, of course!