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A rant about messages like this: Can I ask you a question?

“hello, im interested in your service. do you have a moment to answer a few questions?”

So go ahead and ask them already!

You asked a yes or no question and I would love to say no.

I get this all the time, every day, where someone asks me if they can ask me a question.
It’s so annoying.

Please just ask the questions you want answered instead of asking me if you can ask me something!

(I already know that you aren’t going to be buying something. I don’t think anyone who has started out this way has ever actually purchased a gig so this is a time waster in every way.)

If anyone can suggest a standard reply that I can have ready for this I would appreciate that.


Maybe you need to open a consulting gig :grinning:

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I do need to do that yes if only they would PAY for it and if only I could stand it lol. Those two are the main roadblocks. These are not buyers. It’s not a bad idea to send them a custom order when they do this just for grins.

Same here. One person, I still remember, waste 1 hour of my time asking questions. Then decided my delivery time was too high. Jeez…just read the gig description first.

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I know right?
I can’t stress enough how annoying it is for a buyer to send that…

Buyer: “Hey” …

…20 minutes later…

Buyer: " Can you help me?"

…some 8 hours later

Me: "Hey thanks for inquiring about our services. To answer your question… yes.
However , it would save everyone time if you had all your requests typed up and already asked so that I could be providing you solutions right now rather than asking you… “What can we help you with?”
<Insert’s general Questionnaire here>

In Short , you’re right these clients almost never buy… its like a 90% chance they will instantly disappear and their account usually says Created “This month” …

I could probably word my response a little better but it’s more to get a point across without being outright snappy.(cause I just want to shake those clients lol)


I get it. You are too nice. I am the same way with my clients. Maybe try a consulting gig, this way you can always send them a custom offer when those messages get out of hand.

As for the message, I don’t know since I am not a native speaker but I would def. work on a standard reply.

"Thanks a lot for your interest. I receive a lot of messages on a daily basis. Please feel free to place your order and I will answer your questions as soon as possible. "

I am sure others here will pitch in with great standard replies.

I really don’t understand why so many people go back and forth with you via messages. It should not be so hard placing an order for the right gig. Plus your gig description says it all :wink:



I have been thinking a lot lately about being too nice.

I am always looking for the lessons life is trying to teach me.
In this case it seems to be trying to teach me to stop being so nice.

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You should be like me, I ask nothing and give nothing in return. I don’t care what people think of me. That’s why I’ve been able to survive in a country like India.


Fiverr changing the mobile app’s interface to feel more like a “chat” session, is practically begging for more messages like that.

Currently over 30% of the messages I receive are “Hi” instead of a detailed message about what they need done.


I don’t care what people think of me, that’s not it. I just have a kind heart and it sucks being this way.


I don’t believe in going out of my way to help anyone, just as I will never ask anyone for help. It’s probably because of my harsh experiences in life.

You’re smart to be like that. I’ve had it turn on me more often than not whenever I try to help someone.
No one appreciates you for it. On the contrary, they seem to think it’s a signal to take advantage, or be rude, or some other type of nasty or aggressive behavior in return.


Exactly…I have seen my father being taken advantage of because of his kindness. That’s why the free-lance life suits me so well. You want a service, pay for it. No emotions, no nonsense, no nothing. Just business. I am friendly with all clients, but they are clients. They will hire me only as long as I can provide them value, and I will work for them as long as they pay me. Real life or off-line life in India is much more complicated.


And I´d have thought you of all people would understand that kind of people, Anna. Sie wollen nicht mit der Tür ins Haus fallen. :wink: to save the mods’ time :wink: : ‘They don´t want to fall into the house with the door.’, meaning: They don´t want to blur out what they are after.).

Anna’s standard reply suggestion sounds good to me, with the potential to make them realize that politeness doesn´t have to exclude asking what they want right away, or even might be the politer approach, thinking of the seller’s time if not their own, and being polite enough in itself.

Kindness is not something you can simply turn on and off - it is a way of being, it is part of who you are - embrace it!

Don’t let a few bad experiences with people put you off being who you are but instead continue the way you are to hopefully change those people to be more like you instead. You and the way you interact are a positive influence on people, do you really want to change that? I can’t imagine that you could ever become a negative influence but just being neutral is nearly as bad and should never be an ambition for anyone!
Sure, the naysayers will say that you can’t change the world by being kind but you can definitely change someone’s world by being kind.
Be yourself, watch out for those who may try to take advantage of you but don’t ever try to be less kind. I can’t imagine anyone’s deathbed wish being “I wish I was less kind to people”.


I like this a lot. It’s easy for me to cross the line and begin to help people without pay sometimes.
Note to self: stop doing this.

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Yes that’s always been how I operate, but I can’t help but notice it comes back in some kind of harmful way.
Lately it’s been on an almost daily basis, as if life is yelling at me to pay attention to this matter and change how I live.


I have learned a lot about professionalism from one of my clients. He pays me $100 every week for articles and has been doing so for 2 years. He does not even leave a review, we don’t talk. He just orders, and says “thanks”…that’s it. I write anything I want on his niche. I deliver, and say “thanks”. He is my best client.


In that case I think your kindness is not the problem, the people you are being kind to are. Avoiding them and directing your kindness elsewhere, somewhere that deserves/respects it, is the solution.


That’s why I love animals so much.