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A Rant!

<RANT BEGINS> Every country has its share of good and bad buyers/sellers. It really irritates me when I read stuff like Indian sellers are like this, don’t buy from them, or Indian buyers are like this, avoid them, etc. Heck, we are just like everybody else…keep your prejudice away. Indians are 1/6th of humanity, 1.3 billion people…you can’t wish us away, we will always be around. Thank you. <RANT OVER>

Lmao! That’s hell of a rant… but its true there is lot of prejudice and a lot of stereotyping. So I’m cool because I hate everyone equally :slight_smile: Jking I don’t hate everyone just 1 out of every 5 equally! :slight_smile:

So, just to offer an opposing view from those you are ranting about - I’ve worked with several very good Indian sellers and non-Fiverr professionals from India. Some were sellers or individuals I worked side-by-side with in collaborations and some have been buyer/seller arrangements here on Fiverr.

I have found that people who are honest, have worked enough at communication to be able to have a reasonable conversation and have developed their skills are all great. People (including native English speakers) who try to rip people off, refuse to either work on communication or get help with it, or those who say they have skills that they really don’t have are not great to work with. In other words, I agree with you and can definitely state that I have personal experience with great professionals from India.

Yeah…as I said we are just like everybody else.

I would say that about myself (ethnically or otherwise) but it’s not true. I’m a total wacko. Harmless, but certifiable.


Sure, there are some good Indian buyers out there (I have worked with them). However, every single issue I have had with a client (including one which cost me $20k in lost business just because I delivered a day late) has been with an Indian or South African. My friend is experiencing that issue on another freelancing platform.

I have had Indians call me at 3am, in the morning, despite being told not to, because they feel I should be awake working on their project.

It is the impact of an Indian buyer (and seller) on here which drove into the hospital with severe exhaustion and I have not been the same since. This situation led to me losing my TRS, and my business away from Fiverr (as he constantly emailed my clients saying I was going to scam them)

That is why I am, currently, wary of working with some Indian sellers. Sure, there are some brilliant ones out there, however, they seem to be few and far between for me (100% of South African clients have been terrible to work for, placing $5.00 orders and saying to deliver 30 articles or they will chargeback on an older order etc.)

Hi Ryan, I don’t really know about your experiences, so can’t say anything…but this is shocking - “including one which cost me $20k in lost business just because I delivered a day late”…how’s that?

And how can a buyer know your clients to email them? Lot of things don’t make sense, but I understand your point.

My clients, for a short time, were listed on my website along with links to the projects I had written for them. He emailed them to say I stole the content and put it on their website. They didn’t even put the research in and I was fired.

Countless numbers of negative reviews on about how I bribe customer support here, hack websites, use PLR content and claim it is my own, party and do drugs all of the time etc. (I do none of that)

He then used SEO to push those reviews to the top of Google for a variety of key terms (most of which I have fought back against) including:

Ryan Gillam writer
my company name
English writer in Sweden (how I got most of my business)
Ryan Gillam reviews

This was the same client who emailed the companies. Every time I posted my services on Reddit/Warrior Forum etc. he would crop up saying not to buy from me as I would scam them.

Over 2 years, business fell by $20k, and that is not taking into account the amount of business I lost from no longer being a TRS (which was indirectly influenced by this guy)

I hope to recover from it eventually. However, it is tough to convince people to buy from you when you are listed as a scammer under your name.

Must be someone who really hated you…wow…this is like personal enmity.

Yep. Shortly after I lost my TRS, he got promoted to one too. I submitted tons of evidence about who it was, but customer support said they will only deal with issues that actually occur on Fiverr and that this should not have an impact on his ability to claim TRS. It didn’t matter that he made false claims about Fiverr (getting a $100 refund after I delivered the gig blank, saying that three customer service members were fired for taking bribes from me etc.)

Why did you lose your TRS,if you don’t mind me asking? It’s okay if you don’t want to tell.

Customer support refuses to give me reasons. The best they can state is:

  1. Lack of sales
  2. Being rude to customer support
  3. The fact that I asked for Fiverr’s legal department. Those negative reviews (which I mentioned previously) could have been removed if Fiverr had simply written, just a couple of lines, in a request to have them removed. They refused to do so. It would have taken them minutes and they knew how much it was impacting me, but they didn’t want to help, so I asked for their legal department.

It is nothing down to late delivery cancellations (they stated this). However, Ryan in customer support says he does not have time to give me a more in-depth answer.

Now, for lack of sales, I had been completely removed from the search system on Fiverr. I had 0 sales on my gigs. For about three weeks, I was trying to work out why. I kept getting the response “we don’t know” so it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying to get my sales back. After the sixth or seventh ‘copied and pasted’ reply “you can be found if you type in 2 x 500 words ryangillam” I got irritated and told them to stop acting like a parrot and actually help me. This ticket got forwarded to Ryan, head of customer support, and I lost my account within a day.

My gig never appeared in ‘normal search’. It didn’t appear under ‘top rated seller’ writers, and it didn’t appear anywhere else unless you specifically searched for my name, and it was irritating.

Sorry about that mate, everything you said is very scary for the rest of us.

I have a close Indian woman friend who tells me of what life in India is like. There are desperately poor people there who will literally do anything for $5. However it’s hard to say that all the 1.6 billion people in India are the same. I am sympathetic to what you are saying Ryan. That’s a lot of money to lose.

I would say people are desperate all over the world, not just in India. To me, the definition of “rich” is someone who can afford not to work.

I think the joke you’re looking for is, I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why I don’t use my own name or my image, in fact I don’t really exist, I’m a figment of your imagination, wake up! :stuck_out_tongue: