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A rather funny conversation with a french Best Seller author

So, a few days ago I returned to fiverr to restart my online freelancing career from the basics.

For me fiverr started it all so it’s a no-brainer fact that I should return here to restart it.

I just made a returning sale and was looking for new orders and was consequently browsing the Buyer requests page. To my surprise I find that this section of fiverr is now more active with a lot of buyer requests than what I remember from almost 2 years ago. I responded to many requests and found one request from a “top buyer” with the username of fragglesrock, with the following request :

"I’m seeking a talentuous ANIMATOR who can make me a 30 sec animation, very dark with the “fragglesrock” hero in motion. I’m a french bestseller and i’m going to publish a trilogy with the hero. NO WHITEBOARD ANMATION please - 3d animation"

And with a 4 year experienced portfolio I responded to him and got a response back. Here is the rather funny conversation that followed :


maybe you are my man…

It’s a 30 sec intro with fragglesrock under the rain…Based on this image

behind him the eiffel tower…the sequence of 30 sec concludes

on his own tomb with the inscription “fragglesrock"

A woman ombre appears on the tomb…

Title at the end…(i will explain you)


ARe you able to do that ? If you succeed in do something HD and very pro i will take you for everybook i publish ! OK ?


Hello Sir,

Yes! This definitely sounds something that I would enjoy creating, add to that the bonus of working for a best seller author, this is really exciting for me.

Lets get down to the details,

Do you have any specific details that you would like to add to this rendition of fragglesrock?

If there is, then here is what you need to do, get a pencil and paper and draw the character details, it can be crude and rough I only need to see fragglesrockthe way you are picturing him.

Once you send me that image I’ll draw up a 2D hand/digital rendition of the character in the pose that you want him in.

This would serve as the baseline for me to work with when I sculpt him in 3D. This same process can be repeated for the woman that you described.

So basically you are looking at a high definition production of at least 2 characters including a detailed environment for the scene.

With that said, I would need to know what your estimated budget is for this project and how soon do you need this completed?

Kindly let me know your thoughts.


Logan King


I’m waiting for your response, sir. If you have any issues or queries kindly describe them.




I have received lot of propositions since my request. And truly i hesitate.

Are you able to do my “Arsene Lupin” moving under the rain ?


Hello Sir,

Yes I will be able to do it,

But when fluid dynamics like rain come into effect it pushes the production value and time higher.

Kindly clear the queries I raised before. What is your estimated budget for this cinematic short? How soon do you need it produced ?




Are you able to do a " Assassin Creed quality rendering” ?

I want something very actual.


Yes Sir,

Let me explain this to you.

The quality of the rendering doesnt really depend on the animation or the characters, it depends on the entire setup.

Even a high poly model (highly detailed 3D model) would look like crap if the scene is poorly lit. On the contrary, even a simple cube would look realistic and amazing in a properly lit high budget scene.

It all boils down to how much money you have to spend on a project and how much time you are giving the animators and developers.

So I ask again, how much time and money are you looking to spend on this project ?

Creating the models and setting up the scene can be done within 2 weeks. But rendering a cinematic video to match the quality of a proprietary render engine of a AAA game studio, will take time, and yes I can do it - provided I am given the right compensation for this kind of massive undertaking.

Let me know what you think




Yes but i won’t go upper 50$ for a first collaboration

{{ DID HE JUST SAY $50 ???}}


With all due respect sir.

If that was a joke then it was very funny indeed.

You want a studio quality render of at least 2 highly detailed characters and you’re willing to spend $50 ?

Sir that’s like trying to buy a Lamborghini at the price of a Volkswagen Polo.

I suggest you read up on this beginner level discussion here : fragglesrock/thread/threats bbbk80/3d-animation-charges

Its totally understandable if you do not have a working knowledge of the cost factor in 3D animation, not everyone knows everything, but I suggest you do your research before you actually try to hire someone.

The cost of a well finished studio setup render 3D animation could go upto $18000 per minute.

So I suggest you do your research reevaluate what you want and what you can afford.

Best regards



LOL So guys, what do you think about this conversation? How would you have handled it?

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Well, I will say, I didn’t find it funny. Perhaps I missed the humor somewhere? To me, the whole exchange just sounded like a buyer that wanted more work than it was worth to product. That, alas, is extraordinarily common here on Fiverr.

Seriously? Someone asking you to create a cinematic 3D animation matching the quality and detailing of a AAA game title’s trailer for 50 DOLLARS isn’t funny to you somehow?

I mean come on! We’re 3D animators, not some kids or students with pencils and crayons doodling on their scrapbooks. Hell! even professional doodlers will charge more than $500 to do a simple storyboard for trailer of ‘Assassin’s creed’.

To me at least it is very funny, especially when someone who is an author, scratch that, A best selling author, uses a word like talentours and adjectives like very pro.
Sure he might not be a native English speaker but any mildly educated man wouldn’t make such blunders, let alone want to pay someone $50 for something that could potentially cost $5000.

wingrid3r said: How would you have handled it?
If i wanted to make a sale then i would have just let the client know what i could do for 50. Otherwise i would have just kept it short, something like sorry i can't do it.

I can relate. I tried my hands on 3d before and according to that, this buyer would not even get 1 frame for $50 for the quality they are looking for.
Let alone 30 seconds.

It’s funny yet depressing for us sellers. The rating system can be a bane sometimes.

Wooow. I’ve dabbled in a bit of 3D animation and for his price range all he’s looking at is stick-men or something of equivalent detail, if that.

Legally it costs small studios $4300 just to buy the Max’s basic pack.

I agreed with @mgjohn78 though, if this was 5 years ago and I’d have been desperate for money I’d have taken that $50 and given this guy something like a stick figure animation like @idesigngraphic lol

Thankfully landed a couple of big projects, now I’m really interested in continuing on fiverr.