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A Rather Incredible Bug!

I was going to sit on this and maybe try and find a way to exploit this bug for my advantage… But, then I remembered that I’m not evil.

I’m not sure if this is a bug with the Fiverr app, Android, or my phone carrier. However, I have made a petty cool discovery. My Fiverr app on my Google Pixel stays connected to Fiverr when I have no credit, no data allowance, and no wifi connection.

In fairness, I can’t do anything with the app aside from toggle between whether I am online or offline. However, I do keep receiving messages and notifications, just as I would if I was connected to the Internet.

Usually, I keep my phone in airplane mode to stay disconnected from the insane hive-mind of social media. Today though. I’ve been waiting for a call from a parcel courier. My phone hasn’t had credit or data for weeks. Neither, am I in range of a wifi signal. However, all day my Fiverr app has been pinging with messages and notifications.

As no other app has been magically connecting to the Intenet free of charge, this does seem to be a Fiverr app problem.

Obviously, this is quite cool/convenient. However, my evil brain has been whispering to me all day, "if only we knew how this happens, we could potentially find a way to get free data all the time!" In this case, I can imagine that if this is a bug, it could see legions of hackers start pulling apart the Fiver app to create a free data back door to the Internet and bring down the entire mobile telecom industry.

Naturally, that may be something of an exaggeration. However, I thought I’d do my non-anarchic duty and repot this anyway.


My app was going crazy this morning so much it woke me up but there were no new messages or notifications. The app works for no reason much of the time sending the pings sometimes for five minutes steadily. It just likes to make noise. I assume it was from messages and notifications from many hours ago it had stored up and saved until it felt like sending them. There was about a nine hour delay.

It doesn’t use up any data ever on my phone.


Interesting… Maybe Fiverr just spies on us with the app. They could well using our sleep patterns as a search ranking factor. In your case, maybe someone keeping an eye out for you at HQ realized you’d slept in and decided to give you a wakeup call. :thinking:


It shuts down now when I’m at a hotel. A bogus message box appears saying I don’t have any internet connection when I’m definitely connected to the hotel’s internet.

I was on fiverr last night until about 5 a.m. it being a special night and finally got to sleep but it didn’t like that and wanted to make sure I only got about three hours of sleep. Sometimes it just likes to show me who’s boss.

It didn’t like that I only worked fifteen hours straight.


Took me a moment :slight_smile: